A day at Cliveden

We spent the day at Cliveden, a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire. Although the house isn’t open to the public the gardens are and we had fun exploring them. First of all we visited the Water Garden and climbed over the huge stones. Then we tackled Cliveden Maze. It has over 1,000 two-metre-high yew trees and 500 metres of path, and the picture below bears no resemblance to the actual maze!

Cliveden maze We found the center and the way out just before the children ran out of steam. There were lots of muddy puddles which made the whole thing more fun.

IMG_6747Then we visited the Storybook Play Den which was filled with carved wooden models of favourite storybook characters. Big Brother loved the turreted house with slide, based on the famous ‘Magic Tree House’ stories, whilst Little Sis liked the ‘Wind in the Willows’ style boat.


When they had run off their energy we stopped to look at the Doll’s House Café which was housed in a really lovely cottage. It was too early for lunch but they had a fantastic little area full of colouring  and activity sheets and the children were really happy to sit down for a while.


We picked up the scooters again and explored more of the grounds. There were trees to be climbed and leaves to be collected.


We walked over to the Orangery cafe where we had a lovely lunch before stopping to admire the amazing views from the South Terrace and take a ride on the South Terrace Slide. Only Little Sis and Daddy were brave enough to ride on the slide but it was so good they went twice!

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Underground adventures

Whilst the 4 year old was at Reception, Little Sis and I had our first adventure on our own. We jumped on the tube to Ealing for a spot of shopping. We hardly ever go on the Piccadilly line so it made a nice change and we were able to cross off a couple of stations from our London Underground Challenge too.

IMG_6720Little Sis was very happy to go on the tube and happy to be out. She practically ran everywhere and even posed for some photos.

IMG_6721After our shopping was done we headed home in time to pick Big Brother up from school. We are looking forward to more London adventures with our new found freedom.

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Leaf rubbings garland

After the 4 year old has finished Reception I set out an Autumnal invitation to play. There were sheets of paper, a collection of leaves and crayons.

leaf rubbingI watched him draw the leaves, draw his own leaves and make rubbings of them, using all the different colours he’s seen on our walk from school.

leaf rubbingI helped him cut round each one, then he used a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each one. We threaded them on to a piece of string so we could hang our leaf rubbings garland up.

leaf rubbingHe decided it would look it better it we added the apple sun catchers we made the other day, I think I agree.

leaf rubbings garland

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