This is Big Brother’s second full week of Reception. Last week he did full days and had hot lunches. He has settled in really well, although I hear the odd grumble from him about having to go all day and not just afternoons.

We’re all still getting used to our new routine. Little Sis and I are spending lots of time together but are still going to the library every Monday for story time. Today we listened to stories about rabbits and had fun making a bunny mask!

Despite Big Brother having school dinners he’s still hungry at teatime. I’m pretty good with meal planning and usually cook from scratch but I have to admit that I keep a few easy meals in the freezer when I’m pushed for time. Today we wanted to Skype Auntie Caca so I was happy to rely on the freezer for the children’s dinner.


I fed them Birds Eye garden peas, crispy fish bites (think small bite sized fish fingers) and potato waffles. This is one meal I know they love and Big Brother always asks for seconds! A lovely easy meal and clean plates meant more time for playing, we have to squeeze as much as we can before bedtime!


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Black Park

After our busy day in south London we decided to stay local today. It’s been a while since we visited Black Park but it’s a great place to sail our model boats and the Farmers Market was on too.

We looked round the stalls hoping to find something for lunch but instead came away with fudge and popcorn! Big Brother wanted to have his face painted and he loved being a scary skeleton.
IMG_6879We played with our boats for a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful warm weather and sunshine.



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Red House

We spent the day south of the river. Our first stop was the wonderful Red House. We managed to tick something off our #50things list – Big Brother caught a falling leaf.

IMG_6814The house and gardens were beautiful. There was also a lovely cafe where Big Brother enjoyed a slice of Wombat Friday Chocolate cake (even though it was Saturday) named after Rossetti and his pet wombat.

IMG_6817-2After a brief stop at a local park it was on to Uncle Julian’s for a pizza party in his own pizza oven.



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