Trowbridge Town Park again

We headed off to enjoy Trowbridge Town Park today. It’s a lovely park and was very busy as the sun was shining. Little Sis was happy to run around and around and quickly mastered the climbing frames.

playing at the park

Her brother was happy to attempt some of the bigger climbing frames and they both spent ages on the large slide. We practically had to drag them away so we could go and get a drink!

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Homemade Easter cards

The children have been very busy at nursery with lots of fun Easter crafts lately. Big Brother gets a 2 week break from his nursery but he made us a lovely Easter card, an Easter decoration and of course we took part in the Treasure Hunt (which seems like weeks ago now!).

Easter card

The nursery Little Sis attends is open all year round so she’s had lots of Easter fun. Who can forget meeting the Easter bunny and the Easter bonnet parade? Today she came home with a card she made featuring the Easter bunny from her handprint and a chocolate Easter nest with eggs. I think she had fun making both and I love her card.

Easter bunny handprint

The chocolate nest was quickly eaten but both cards will be carefully kept in their craft books.

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Paper plate flower basket

This is another of those crafts we’ve been working on for a while. A couple of days ago we painted some paper plates with brown paint. When they were dry I cut out a small section of the paper plate and we added some black lines to make them look like baskets.


We then glued around the edge and stuck the paper plate basket to a sheet of coloured paper.

paper plate basket

Then it was time to fill our spring baskets with flowers, we used a pack of fabric petals from Baker Ross. When each basket was full we stuck a few petals to the piece of paper too.

paper plate basket

By this time Little Sis was bored and ran away to do something else. Big Brother finished off his spring basket with a pink foam bow.

paper plate basket

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