Little Sis bakes

Whilst Big Brother was at his friends birthday party with Daddy, Little Sis and I did some baking in the kitchen.

IMG_1604She loves adding ingredients and mixing. She quite likes licking the spoon clean too.

IMG_1605Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to like eating cakes orĀ  biscuits, but that just leaves more for the rest of us :)

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Big Brother is totally obsessed with Shopkins at the moment. He’s been buying the Shopkins magazine with his pocket money and carefully ticking off the Shopkins he owns from the lists.

ShopkinsHe likes to draw his favourite Shopkins and send them off in the hope they’ll feature his drawing!


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Outdoor play in the mud kitchen

Daddy started work on our mud kitchen at the weekend. It’s still a work in progress but the children were happy to use it.

mud kitchenThey love to make cakes in the ‘oven’ and had loads of fun in the sunshine.

playing in the mud kitchen

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