Shopping with Little Sis

Little Sis loves to shop. If she was given Daddy’s credit card I think she would happily shop all day – as long as she had someone to carry her bags!

This morning I bravely took her shopping for a new winter coat. She tried on every coat she saw.


Guess what happened?

Yep, we went back to the first shop we went in and bought that coat.


Big Brother thinks she looks like a hedgehog but I think she looks gorgeous.

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This happened!

Uh-oh. The children took a huge box and asked if they could turn it into a television. Daddy cut out the front of it then they spent hours sitting in it and putting on a show.

They decided they needed to paint the box so I set them up at the table with lots of colours. This happened!



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Being a grown up

I’ve taken some silly photos lately, or perhaps my children have just been acting  a little silly. Today I took this cute snap of Little Sis trying on my gorgeous new SeaSalt wellies. She also has her favourite onesie on, Sophia the First!


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