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A cuddle

Some days I really struggle to take a photograph of my two. Either we’ve been really busy or not done anything terribly exciting and worthy of a photo. After their bath Little Sis wanted a cuddle so I snapped this one of them having a cuddle and watching CBeebies.


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Muddy puddles

The days are going so quickly and we’re really racing towards Christmas now. The weather was so lovely we decided to walk to the library. It’s our favourite walk and there were some puddles to splash in (shame Little Sis wasn’t wearing wellies!).

blue sky

We were out for ages enjoying the sunshine, I fear it may be the last decent weather for a while. Then it was home to finish icing some more gingerbread biscuits, and eat them of course.


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How to make jelly worms for Halloween

Take two blocks of jelly and mix with hot water, top up with cold water. Pour into a tall jar containing tightly packed straws and leave to set in the fridge overnight. The next day take out the straws and squeeze your jelly worms into a bowl. Eat them all up!

jelly worms (1)eating jelly worms

jelly wormsnot so sure about them

jelly worms (2)just like the real thing!

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