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Self portrait

We were invited to a party and the children decided they wanted to add their own drawings to our card. Big Brother did a couple of drawings and we included this one – showing him and his sister. I love the fact they’re both smiling. He also wrote his name on the bottom.

IMG_6652Little Sis surprised me with her drawing of her brother. I think this is the first of her drawings which is based on an actual person. She added eyes, a nose, mouth, hair and ears. I think it’s a pretty good likeness.

IMG_6653I hope the party girl appreciated her drawings.

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Back to school

It feels as though Big Brother was the last person in the world to go back to school but today was his day. His teachers thought that he would cope really well with his new class which is why he was in the last few to start. I dropped him off, he hung up his hat and found his new drawer and he was off. It helped that the train set was out and as soon as he saw it he was happy to go off and play. I only stayed a few minutes to make sure he was ok then I left him for the morning.

IMG_6593Here is my handsome little man, holding a photo of him taken a year ago on his first day at nursery.

He had a good time and the best bit was that the Register was taken on a touch screen – how times have changed since I was at school!


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A sprinkling of glitter

Today really was the last day of the Summer holidays. The weather was lovely and warm so we were happy to head off to the Creation Station. The theme was textures and we used stencils to create a painted picture. Big Brother chose dinosaurs and a banana template to create his picture.

IMG_6569He used scrunched up paper to paint with!

IMG_6571Then he decorated each side of his painting with different textures, from feathers to cardboard and cotton wool.

He finished it all off with a liberal sprinkling of glitter.


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