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Getting ready for Halloween

This evening was the School Halloween party. The children were really excited and enjoyed dressing up. Little Sis wore her skeleton onesie and witches hat:

IMG_7324Her brother wore a monster tshirt and ghost costume, the latter he had to take off when he had his face painted:

IMG_7320 We listed to spooky stories, tried our hand at all the games and had delicious burgers from Miller and Carter. We had a great time and raised money for School too!


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Play time

The 4 year old loves to line up his toys. I’m not sure why but when he’s done it he likes to photograph them.

IMG_7269This is one of the photographs he took after school today. I thought I would add it here for posterity.

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The Artisan Market

We spent the morning at our local Artisan Market. We hadn’t visited for ages so we were all happy to look around the different food and craft stalls.

Big Brother was particularly taken with this stall, even when we explained what it was.

IMG_7244He also enjoyed sampling some products.

IMG_7246He even got a tattoo which Auntie Caca would have been proud of.

IMG_7248After all the sampling and buying it was time to play.

IMG_7255There was plenty of cake to take home.


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