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Vintage Lego sets

Whilst Little Sis was at nursery we headed to the Lido for some fresh air. Big Brother scooted all the way around it, stopping for an ice cream half way round.

We all did a little exercise at the grown up playground too.


IMG_3808Then we headed back to Ruislip to pick up Little Sis. I was pretty excited to find this vintage Lego set in one of the charity shops.

Lego System 5978

Lego System 5978 The Secret of the Sphinx is an Adventurers Egypt set released in 1998. It contains 342 pieces, and 7 minifigures: Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, Pharaoh Hotep, Skeleton, Slyboots, Johnny Thunder and Baron Von Barron.

I bought it because it’s a bit different and reminded me of Indiana Jones! Big Brother obviously claimed it as his own but I’m hoping we can build it together soon.

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School’s out for the Summer!

Finally the last day of term arrived. Big Brother was packed off to school for the last day and was looking forward to his holiday beginning. The last few days he’s come home with lots and lots of drawings of Minions!

Whilst he was at school Little Sis and I went to the station to pick up some very special visitors. We arrived back just in time to go and surprise Big Brother on his last day.


What a great way to start the Summer holidays :)

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Shopkins Season 3

Both the children have been really excited about the launch of Season 3 Shopkins this week. We’ve already opened quite a few packs :)

Season 3 ShopkinsThis Season includes some exclusive packs. Little Sis chose this Food Flair Cool & Creamy collection which is an easy way to collect the whole group and not have to worry about duplicates.

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