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The Creation Station!

I can’t believe the weeks are going so quickly but today was our weekly craft session at The Creation Station.

Big Brother was very happy and confident to join in the fun. He learnt a little about circles and semicircles before getting creative with them! He made a fin party hat which he decorated with paints, crayons, glue and paper. He also made a picture of a bowl of ice-cream, again decorated with colourful sprinkles.


He was happy to pose for a photo!


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Whilst mum’s away…

Today I had a day off to attend BritMums Live which meant daddy was in charge. He had (finally) finished Little Sis’ boat so headed off to the nearest boating pond to try it out.

photo 2

The nearest pond was actually at Northala Fields, otherwise known as the four artificial hills standing next to the A40 Western Avenue. Apparently you can see Canary Wharf from the highest mound – not that we’ve yet climbed up any of them. There’s also a network of six interconnecting fishing lakes, a model boating lake and wildlife ponds, streams and wetlands.

The children had a great time with their model boats although they were happy to tell me Little Sis’ new boat filled with water which prompted daddy to purchase some glass for the windows.

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Frozen inspired bento

My children love a bento-style lunch. We’ve used divided plates since they started weaning but we were recently sent a Munchkin lunchbox to try out. I knew it would be perfect for picnics but we wanted to try it at home first.

Disney Frozen bento - treading on lego

The Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set is brilliant! It helps keep food separate and fresh and includes 2 smaller, removable compartments for fruit, veg, yoghurts or snacks.

Munchkin bento lunchbox

We’re big fans of the Disney film Frozen so we came up with our own Frozen-inspired bento.

Frozen inspired bento
The lunchbox had three compartments which were filled with popcorn snow, a ham sandwich with a star cut out and a white yoghurt with blueberries. I added a snowflake babybel too.
Frozen inspired bento

It went down pretty well, Big Brother immediately re-named the popcorn snow-corn which I thought was quite sweet. My only worry is that they’re going to expect me to be more adventurous with their food. Luckily I have a stash of picks and cutters ready!

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