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Taking better photographs

The best thing I learned at Blogtacular was I should really use my nice camera more often. It takes lovely photographs of my beautiful children, two of which I’m sharing here today. I really need to use it every day to record my children.

My first photograph is of Big Brother on his trampoline.

P1190002I took some fun ones of Little Sis but this is my favourite.


I’m also going to post this one of them together, both squeezed into their pop up tunnel. You can tell that one of them wasn’t too happy about sharing the space.


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Pirates and Fairies

This afternoon Big Brother was invited to a birthday party and he had to dress up as a pirate. We bought the outfit a few weeks ago and he was really looking forward to this afternoon.

pirate fancy dressHe had a great time at the party with all his school friends. There were lot of fun party games, food and cake so he was in his element.


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Painting Minions

I found a Minion colouring set in the shops and the children wanted to paint the pictures. We got out yellow, blue and black paint.

paintingThey had a lovely time deciding what colours to put where.

paintingLittle Sis loves the colour black for some reason but her brother wanted to use all the colours.

painting MinionsAs you can see they enjoyed it and we ran out of surfaces to leave the wet paintings to dry!

painting Minions

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