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Beach ball sun catcher

The sun was shining today, for part of the day at least, which meant our crafting took a Summery turn. Having recently returned from a little holiday we thought it would be fun to make a beach ball sun catcher.

We used:

a paper plate
black Sharpie
Coloured celophane
Contact paper

How to make a Beach ball sun catcher

First I drew a rough beach ball shape on the inside part of a paper plate. I carefully cut out the parts where we wanted to add colour.

Beach ball sun catcher craft

The 4 year old chose which colours she wanted to use, and cut smaller pieces to fit inside the sun catcher.


I covered the paper plate with sticky contact paperthen she got to work, carefully arranging the colours as she wanted them. When she had finished I covered the other side with more contact paper.


Then we hung it up in the kitchen.


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Seaside Sand Art Pictures

Baker Ross kindly sent us a bumper box full of their latest craft supplies to try at home. The children were over the moon and immediately picked the Seaside Sand Art Pictures to make. There were 8 assorted designs, the top layer is pre-cut revealing a sticky surface. It came with packs of coloured glitter sand which we decanted into containers.

Seaside Sand Art Pictures

The children did their chosen designs on a tray but the sand still went everywhere!

Seaside Sand Art Pictures

They had a lot of fun but I was a little bit glad when they had finished!

Seaside Sand Art Pictures

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A crown fit for a Queen

Little Sis made a a crown at nursery to wear to her special tea party. She was able to bring it home today and wore it all afternoon. I think it is so much better than the real crown jewels.


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