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How to make pretend cookies

Big Brother loves to craft after school. Today we made some pretend cookies which he had a lot of fun with.

You will need:
recycled cardboard
white marker pen
your favourite cookie cutters

How to make pretend cookies:

Choose your favourite cookie cutters. The 4 year old chose some gingerbread men, a star and a Christmas stocking. He drew round each one and I cut them out.

How to make pretend cookiesThen he decorated each one using a white pen to make it look like icing.

How to make pretend cookiesThere were four gingerbread men, one for each of us.

How to make pretend cookiesHe added faces, buttons and lots of squiggles!

How to make pretend cookies

I think he enjoyed this as it was really simple but he was able to do most of it himself. Great for pretend play!IMG_9508

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Paper plate robin

A couple of days ago we saw a great craft on cBeebies which the children immediately wanted to try for themselves. We painted a couple of paper plates with brown paint and left them to dry overnight.

Today we finished our paper plate robins off. Cutting one plate in half to make wings, adding a beak, red breast and googly eyes.

IMG_8689The children were pretty impressed with their efforts. After posing for a couple of pictures we hung them up in the window which is bursting with handmade Christmas decorations :)


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Guess who?

Little Sis was so proud to give me this painting when I collected her from nursery this morning. Can you guess who it is?



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