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Cardboard tube apples

We have a plethora of cardboard tubes and it seems like every day Big Brother brings me one and says we could craft with it! Today we crafted with cardboard tubes and made a fun little Autumnal display – cardboard tube apples.

cardboard tube apples

Materials you will need:
Cardboard tubes
Red and green paint
Split pins

How to make cardboard tube apples:

Paint your cardboard tubes with red and green paint, leave to dry.


When dry carefully cut your tube into thin rings.

Make a small hole in the top of each one with the split pin or scissors and place the rings inside each other, holding them together with the split pin.

cardboard tube apples - treading on lego

We’ve displayed ours in a bowl and I think they look good enough to eat!


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Crafting with Elmer the Elephant

Every Monday we visit our local library for story telling and crafts. Today’s story was an Elmer one, about the lovely colourful patchwork elephant.

The children had fun making their own patchwork Elmer’s using coloured paper and glue. Little Sis was actually more methodical than her older brother, carefully lining up all her pieces of paper. I think they both enjoyed this craft.


When we got home we carried on with the Elmer theme. We used a couple of cylindrical sponges cut in half to paint Elmer. The sponges were quite big so Elmer filled up quickly!


Big Brother managed to keep his circles quite distinct but Little Sis let her creative side get the better of her, she used the sponges as a paint brush.


Why not pop on over to Crafts on Sea to see lots more inspiring ways to craft with Elmer.

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Afternoon tea at Drink Shop Do

This afternoon we headed into London to attend the launch of the Go Create Eco Craft kits at Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross. First of all we explored Kings Cross as the area seems to change every time we emerge from the station. On today’s visit we found this fun swing inside a bird cage.

IMG_5889We soon found Drink, Shop & Do and settled down to try out the new craft kits. The Go Create Eco Craft kits are available in Tesco’s at an amazing price of only £3.50. They contain everything you need to make a fun craft with a little help from your own recycling box! There are 16 craft kits which include Rocket Bottle Jet Pack, Snack Pot Robots, Egg Box Bug Garden, Snack Pot Princess Desk Tidy and more.


We had fun with the Egg Box Bug Garden and you can see Little Sis getting stuck in to the painting. We were rewarded with a delicious afternoon tea of finger sandwiches, tea and yummy cake.


A pretty perfect afternoon for us :)

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