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Paper plate robin

A couple of days ago we saw a great craft on cBeebies which the children immediately wanted to try for themselves. We painted a couple of paper plates with brown paint and left them to dry overnight.

Today we finished our paper plate robins off. Cutting one plate in half to make wings, adding a beak, red breast and googly eyes.

IMG_8689The children were pretty impressed with their efforts. After posing for a couple of pictures we hung them up in the window which is bursting with handmade Christmas decorations :)


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Guess who?

Little Sis was so proud to give me this painting when I collected her from nursery this morning. Can you guess who it is?



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Tea and Crafting

Little Man and I spent the day at Tea and Crafting in Camden. He made a Christmas tree shaped sun catcher.

Christmas tree sun catcherAnd upcycled a Christmas jumper into a personalised stocking. He even made the pom pom!

IMG_8233When we got home we were tired. Little Sis had had a great day with Daddy and everyone was happy to sit down and read some Advent books (quietly!).

Advent books

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