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Lego Brick Animals at London Wetland Centre

When I heard about the giant Lego brick animals coming to London Wetland Centre I knew we would have to go. When I looked on the website I found there were Lego workshops too so I immediately booked us in. The London Wetland Centre is only 30 minutes from us and I’m really not sure why we haven’t been before. The weather was perfect, the children loved the Lego workshop and Lego animals and we had a lovely day out.

Lego Brick Animals at London Wetland Centre

There were 10 different animals and we were given a map to find them dotted around the centre. Big Brother enjoyed finding how many bricks made up each animal. This is his attempt at a selfie with the Lego duck. The animals have been designed by Tom Poulsom who created the Lego Birds set we have and Bright Bricks, the UK’s only certified LEGO professionals

Lego at London Wetland Centre

We really enjoyed exploring London Wetland Centre and spotting the Lego animals. There was a lot to do and the children loved the hides and the water play area.

Lego at London Wetland Centre

We had booked ourselves on one of the Lego workshops that are running alongside the Lego animals. During the hour the children were able to make as many Lego ducklings as they could in 10 minutes.

Lego at London Wetland Centre

We tried our best but the other table beat ours by a couple of ducklings.

Lego at London Wetland Centre

The second challenge was to make a Lego brick car to safely transport an animal, these were tested on a ramp and the winner got a small prize.

Lego at London Wetland Centre

The final challenge was to build a Lego pumpkin. This was actually quite hard – even with instructions – but both children left with their own pumpkin.

Lego at London Wetland Centre

I think they’re going to make great Halloween decorations if I can borrow them for a couple of weeks.

Lego at London Wetland Centre


We had a great day out, the Lego workshop was really fun and I think the children enjoyed trying something different. The Lego brick animal trail is open until November 8th and you need to by a separate ticket for the Lego workshops which run at weekends and through half term.

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A day out in London

After a busy morning of ballet and hair cuts we headed into town. We walked along the Thames from London Bridge Station, passing HMS Belfast and watching Tower Bridge open to let a tall ship pass through.


The children were excited to be out and loved the water fountains outside More London.


After a delicious lunch at Strada we walked it off going back past Tate Modern and crossing the wobbly bridge to St Paul’s.


The children were pretty happy to sit down on the tube with a brief change at White City.


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Staying local

After a busy day yesterday we thought we should stay a little more local. This morning we headed to the Lido so the children could ride their bikes and we could take Bella for a walk.


Then we popped into the local Farmers Market. We bought some delicious food for dinner and stocked up on coffee and cakes.

Duck Pond market

The children wanted their faces painted. Big Brother opted for a Minecraft theme and Little Sis chose a Hello Kitty tattoo.

Minecraft face paint

Sometimes it is lovely staying close to home!


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