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Frozen inspired bento

My children love a bento-style lunch. We’ve used divided plates since they started weaning but we were recently sent a Munchkin lunchbox to try out. I knew it would be perfect for picnics but we wanted to try it at home first.

Disney Frozen bento - treading on lego

The Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set is brilliant! It helps keep food separate and fresh and includes 2 smaller, removable compartments for fruit, veg, yoghurts or snacks.

Munchkin bento lunchbox

We’re big fans of the Disney film Frozen so we came up with our own Frozen-inspired bento.

Frozen inspired bento
The lunchbox had three compartments which were filled with popcorn snow, a ham sandwich with a star cut out and a white yoghurt with blueberries. I added a snowflake babybel too.
Frozen inspired bento

It went down pretty well, Big Brother immediately re-named the popcorn snow-corn which I thought was quite sweet. My only worry is that they’re going to expect me to be more adventurous with their food. Luckily I have a stash of picks and cutters ready!


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Lunch out

Little Sis and I were at a bit of a loss after we had dropped her brother at nursery. We headed into Ruislip for some shopping and lunch.

eating out

The chips probably give the game away that we went to McDonalds. The Happy Meal included a Hello Kitty toy which made Little Sis VERY happy.

eating out

eating out

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Lunch out – Wagamama

We started off the weekend with not a lot to do. Sure, there was a shed which needed building and a bedroom which needed decorating but nothing too urgent. We decided to head to Watford for a little shopping and lunch out.  We were quite restrained, Big Brother bought a new Disney Junior sticker album (Little Sis has the Hello Kitty one as a reward for sitting on the potty!), and Little Sis managed to persuade Daddy to buy her some Hello Kitty cupcake cases.

Soon it was time to decide where to eat. Watford wasn’t blessed with places to eat but we’ve noticed new restaurants popping up over the last 12 months. Today we spotted a new Wagamama which is one of our favourite places to eat. It was barely 12 so we had the place to ourselves. Both children ordered the cod cubes meal from the children’s menu. Look how happy they were:



Daddy taught Big Brother how to use chopsticks which he quickly mastered!

I was excited to see Wagamama Pad Thai on the menu which I ordered in honour of New Mum Online who recently wrote about her meal at Wagamama. Unfortunately my Pad Thai was full of chillies and chilli oil and I could only manage 3 mouthfuls. They were lovely and let me swap it for my usual order. Lesson learned do not be adventurous at Wagamama!


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