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Visiting Paddington at Paddington

This morning we dropped Nanny at Paddington station to get her train home. We couldn’t leave the station without visiting the statue of Paddington Bear. Tucked away half way down Platform 1 we found him.

Paddington Bear statue

We just about had time for a photograph before rushing back home to get to nursery.

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Visiting Ruislip Fairy Village

The sun was shining again today so we thought we would take Nanny to see the Fairy Village by the River Pinn. We parked at the bottom of St Margaret’s Road and walked over the Pooh Sticks bridge.

We were really pleased to see that all the fairy doors were there, one was slightly damaged as if someone had tried to remove it but all the rest were in good condition. My 4 year old loves the Fairy Village and ran round to check they were all there.

She was so excited to see that her favourite, the¬†Fisherman’s house was there, complete with fishing net and rod. We couldn’t see the two fairy mail boxes but there was some fairy mail left under the big tree in the middle of the grass area.

She insisted on taking photos, most of these are by her.


Ruislip Fairy Village pictures

As well as the Fishermans house we loved the new Ruislip Fairy Village sign. There were lots of people visiting today, we can’t wait to come back again soon.


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A self portrait

Whilst Little Sis was at nursery this afternoon I went to a coffee morning with the other mums. They happen every term and it gives the parents the opportunity to look through their learning journal. I hadn’t had the chance to see it before but it was full of photos and observations of what Little Sis gets up to every afternoon.

I loved the self-portrait she had drawn on the front.


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