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A family portrait

Despite spending all day at the farm yesterday we had another busy day today. We spent the morning at Northala Fields so Big Brother could play with his model boat and new model car. Then it was on to Ikea to purchase a long list of things for the house.

Little Sis wasn’t feeling too well so Big Brother drew her a special picture to make her feel better.


That’s Little Sis, Mummy and Daddy with Big Brother underneath. Get well soon Little Sis xx

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An afternoon on the South Bank

We spent the afternoon at the South Bank. It’s one of our favourite places in London and for the first time we let the children take their scooters!


They were very happy scooting along, especially when they found some large puddles to zoom through.


We wanted to go and see HMS President, currently known as the Dazzle ship, moored at Victoria Embankment. The dazzle camouflage was designed to confuse enemy U-boat captains during the First World War. It looked amazing!


I don’t think the children appreciated the views we had over London but us adults did. We headed back along the South Bank, past the Southbank Centre which was hosting the Festival of Love. There was so much going on but we were all hungry so headed to Wagamama for lunch.


We were able to sit outside and people watch. Little Sis was hungry but she eventually cheered up when her food came.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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First day of the Summer holidays

So today we woke up to the first day of the Summer holidays. The weather was hot and sunny (again) so we headed to our local park. It was full of Big Brother’s friends from nursery so we stayed and played for a while before it got too hot.

at the park

When we got home we filled the tuff spot with water for some water play. It was a bit small for two so perhaps we should get the paddling pool out!


The children have been sharing a room (and the air-con unit) for the last couple of nights. They’ve been perfectly happy with their mattresses on the floor and haven’t been staying up talking toooo late. Tonight we decided to convert Little Sis’ cot into a Big Girl’s Bed. It only took a couple of minutes and she loved the result :)


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