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My Christmas bauble

Little Sis and I headed over to Uxbridge today to finish off our Christmas shopping. All the shops were very festive and the shopping centre had a couple of huge baubles for children to stand in. I couldn’t resist a photo (or three).


IMG_7872I can’t see my feet!


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Count to 10 with a Mouse

Our October Book Buddies book was the delightful Count to 10 with a Mouse.

Count to 10 with a MouseWait! Open this set VERY gently – there’s a little mouse inside! Carefully turn the pages and learn to count with your cuddly mouse! This beautifully illustrated story set from best-selling author Margaret Wise Brown – creator of the children’s classic Goodnight Moon will enchant children and parents alike.

IMG_7859Little Sis adores this book and the little mouse which she has been taking everywhere with her.

IMG_7861The story is a great length for bedtime reading and there’s plenty of things to look out for on each page. It’s a sweet tale and the addition of a cuddly makes this a great gift for a little person.

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Storytime at the library

This morning Little Sis and I headed to our local library for Storytime. After the stories and songs there was crafting time. Little Sis matched shapes and coloured pictures.


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