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Portrait of a modern family

Today Little Sis had the blackboard to herself so spent some time drawing. I love her drawings so much!

chalk portraitsFrom left to right she has drawn her brother, Daddy, Mummy and her. When I asked her why Big Brother was small she was brutally honest and said she could only fit three big ones on the board. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about that when he gets home from school!

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May Day flower fairies

As it’s May 1st we thought we would craft with flowers. On the way back from our dance class we stopped to pick fallen blossom and leaves. When we got home we made May Day flower fairies.

May Day flower fairies

How to make May Day flower fairies:

may day blossomWe picked the petals from the flower heads then Little Sis drew fairy faces on a sheet of paper.

may day blossom craftThen she decorated her May Day flower fairies and gave them pretty petal wings and dresses.

may day blossom craftWe raided our googly eye collection too and made lots of flower fairies. This was a fun activity and great for story telling!

may day blossom craft


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Life cycle of a butterfly

Little Sis was very proud to show me what she made at nursery this morning. It may look like a simple butterfly….

butterfly craftbut inside is the life cycle of a butterfly…

butterfly craftIt’s very appropriate as we’re currently waiting for our chrysalides to turn into beautiful butterflies in our special butterfly hatching habitat.

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