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A little gardening

We had a very busy day today. We started at the Frome Artisan and Produce Market, worked our way to the Three Bells for a pub lunch, then on to a gardening centre and another visit to the White Horse! When we got back to nanny’s the children still had energy so helped nanny in the garden.






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Westbury White Horse

We went to see Nanny’s White Horse on the edge of Salisbury Plain. The weather was warm and sunny (although it doesn’t look like it in the photots) and the children were happy to sit and watch daddy fly his model plane for a while. There were some very brave hang gliders too and quite a large crown of people watching them.

The children really wanted to explore so we walked over to see the famous White Horse and watched some crazy children going down it on plastic bags. Then we carried on to Bratton Camp, a huge Iron Age hillfort. The sides were very steep but we had fun exploring, climbing up and down the sides of the fort and trying to dodge the sheep poo.

We finished off our trip with a well deserved ice-cream!

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Trowbridge Town Park again

We headed off to enjoy Trowbridge Town Park today. It’s a lovely park and was very busy as the sun was shining. Little Sis was happy to run around and around and quickly mastered the climbing frames.

playing at the park

Her brother was happy to attempt some of the bigger climbing frames and they both spent ages on the large slide. We practically had to drag them away so we could go and get a drink!

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