How to make a Boxtroll

As a ‘you-survived-your-first-week-of-Reception’ treat I told you that we went and saw The Boxtrolls film. It features a quirky family of Boxtrolls, which are creatures that live beneath the streets of the city of Cheesebridge. They adopt and raise a human orphan boy, Eggs, in their home, so his Boxtroll family is all he knows. The town’s villain, Archibald Snatcher, wants to get rid of The Boxtrolls, so Eggs must come out into the world above the streets and jump into action to save his Boxtroll family.

how to make a boxtroll - treaing on lego

How to make a Boxtroll:

Both my children adore the Boxtrolls. The creatures live in recycled boxes so it seemed like a great craft to do at home. We always keep a supply of recycled materials so I let the children look through it and pick some boxes to craft with.

how to make a boxtroll

They decided to paint their boxes but you could easily just use the boxes as they come. We added heads, hands and feet from the Boxtroll themed Happy Meal boxes from McDonalds. You could make your own from card, playdough or craft sticks too. Even though we used boxes they wanted to cover them with paper labels I found on the Boxtrolls website.

how to make a box troll This made for a really simple craft but one which made my 2 and 4 year old so happy. What do you think?

how to make a boxtrollGo and see the film if you can, it’s really good!


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Arts and crafts

Little Sis and I ventured to the library today for the first time on our own. We listened to stories, sung songs and made a cute crocodile.

IMG_6667 Big Brother is only at Reception until after lunch this week and is enjoying doing lots of crafts and drawings. Today he brought home a drawing of a Boxtroll he did, the film we saw obviously made a big impression.

boxtroll picture

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Self portrait

We were invited to a party and the children decided they wanted to add their own drawings to our card. Big Brother did a couple of drawings and we included this one – showing him and his sister. I love the fact they’re both smiling. He also wrote his name on the bottom.

IMG_6652Little Sis surprised me with her drawing of her brother. I think this is the first of her drawings which is based on an actual person. She added eyes, a nose, mouth, hair and ears. I think it’s a pretty good likeness.

IMG_6653I hope the party girl appreciated her drawings.

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