A trip to the West End

We headed into the West End today for a trip to the Museum of London and the Crime Museum Uncovered Exhibition. Our first stop was St Paul’s, a station that we don’t visit very often, so we took a photo for our London Underground Challenge – just in case.


We enjoyed our visit to the Museum and had a delicious lunch in the Benugo’s there. We explored the area and the children wanted to try the Boris Bikes.


Then it was on to Covent Garden via double decker which the children loved as there are only single deckers buses where we live.


We walked around Covent Garden and Seven Dials before heading home via Tottenham Court Road station which has recently re-opened.

Tottenham Court Road station

The outside is quite impressive, or will be once the hoarding is down and major roadworks are over. The station itself wasn’t quite so interesting although it felt huge compared to the old, cramped ticket area.

Tottenham Court Road station

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A lego kind of day

Big Brother had a  tiny bit of Christmas money left over and wanted to buy 75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber from the Lego Star Wars range. You may think he has a lot of Lego sets, and we agree, but he *really* wanted this set. This morning we headed to Watford and the Lego Store. Look what Big Brother bought!

 75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber

Little Sis wasn’t left out and came away with 30397 Lego Disney Princess Frozen Olaf’s Summertime fun and an R2-D2 keyring for her book bag.


As soon as we got home the children built their Lego sets.

30397 Lego Disney Princess Frozen Olaf's Summertime fun

Little Sis was pretty quick and happy with the finished results, it goes well with her Lego Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle.

30397 Lego Disney Princess Frozen Olaf's Summertime fun

Big Brother took a little longer and needed a tiny bit of help from Dad but was pleased with his new Lego.

Lego Carbon-Freezing Chamber

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Gingerbread house cereal box craft

Before Christmas I bought this fun Gingerbread house cereal box craft and Big Brother has been wanting to make it for a while. After school we finally got it out. The kit contained everything we needed except for an empty cereal box which we got from the junk modelling box.

gingerbread house cereal box

Big Brother carefully glued the brown paper to the cereal box then started applying the stickers to make windows and doors, candy canes and more.

gingerbread house cereal box

He enjoyed himself and made a really colourful gingerbread house.

gingerbread house cereal box

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