Our busy day

Little Sis and I had to wait in for a delivery so we kept ourselves busy.

First we made cakes

IMG_7104Then we played with some new toys

IMG_7119Finally we pretended being mummy for a bit.


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A brilliant report

This evening was Parent’s Evening and I was actually quite excited to hear how the 4 year old has been getting on in Reception. It’s almost impossible to get any kind of feedback on how he’s settled in apart from what he tells me, and the only thing I ever hear is how good school lunches are.

Before I went to see his teacher I was able to look through his Topic, Literacy and Mathematics Books. I took some photos of a couple of pages as I loved to see what he’s been up to. He had written about a special time (at Grandad’s), why he was special (I can ride my bike) and what he wanted to be ( an artist).

IMG_7101He is getting on really well and it was a lovely opportunity to hear what he likes to do and play, who he plays with and what he needs to concentrate on.


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Stories and craft time

Little Sis and I headed off to the library first thing. We had a huge pile of Winnie the Witch books to return – our current favourite books. Someone different took Story Time and Little Sis seemed to enjoy it more, she even joined in with the actions which is unheard of for her.

IMG_7090The two stories were about mice so today we made a little mouse and coloured in a picture too. Always a great way to start our week!

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