Life Canvas stationery range

Over the summer we heard about the launch of two new and exciting Life Canvas stationery ranges, ‘Wild’ and ‘Paris’. Instead of our usual Parragon Book Buddy book review, today I am going to tell you about some items from the new range. We received a Journal and pack of Mini Sticky Notes.

I love stationery so was very excited to receive these items. I’m not sure I would have picked them for myself but it is a pretty stationery collection and I love the vintage Parisian theme.


Journal – A chic and practical journal to capture to-do lists, shopping lists, things to remember, or just moments of sheer inspiration that need to be recorded! Each of the 160 pages features a gorgeous design that makes using every page a joy.

Mini Sticky Notes – Great for jotting down notes, to-do lists or things to remember, sticky notes are one of life’s essentials! This adorable folder of mini sticky notes is pocket-sized, and features 11 whimsical designs and 275 individual stickies.


If you would like to find out more information about the Life Canvas stationery, you can find more on Parragon’s website.

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A trip to the cinema

We didn’t have anything planned for today so decided to head off to the cinema to see Planes 2. You may remember we were lucky enough to see the film a couple of weeks ago. The children were very excited and also really well behaved. The film was just as good as we remembered although Big Brother wanted to know why there wasn’t free popcorn and drinks on our seats.


We did a little shopping after the cinema and Little Sis was pretty pleased to find a Frozen stamp set. She spent the afternoon stamping and making pictures for everyone.


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Podium bookends

Today was one of those days where Big Brother wanted to make lots of things whilst his sister was at nursery. His favourite craft book is the Disney Pixar Cars Big Book of Things to Make and he chose the podium bookends. We didn’t make bookends but adapted it to make a podium he could play with.

First we chose three different sized boxes from our recycling box and we covered them in brown paper. Then Big Brother played around with them and put them in size orders. We then added the numbers cut from craft foam.

IMG_6322This was such an easy but fun craft activity.

IMG_6323Big Brother used his small Lego Cars on it and built a little track so his cars could have races and a special podium finish.

IMG_6324Little Sis came home from nursery and was allowed to join the fun too.



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