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This is Big Brother’s second full week of Reception. Last week he did full days and had hot lunches. He has settled in really well, although I hear the odd grumble from him about having to go all day and not just afternoons.

We’re all still getting used to our new routine. Little Sis and I are spending lots of time together but are still going to the library every Monday for story time. Today we listened to stories about rabbits and had fun making a bunny mask!

Despite Big Brother having school dinners he’s still hungry at teatime. I’m pretty good with meal planning and usually cook from scratch but I have to admit that I keep a few easy meals in the freezer when I’m pushed for time. Today we wanted to Skype Auntie Caca so I was happy to rely on the freezer for the children’s dinner.


I fed them Birds Eye garden peas, crispy fish bites (think small bite sized fish fingers) and potato waffles. This is one meal I know they love and Big Brother always asks for seconds! A lovely easy meal and clean plates meant more time for playing, we have to squeeze as much as we can before bedtime!


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Another Lego face

Today was Big Brother’s turn to make some Lego. Today’s set was Star Wars Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor. I tried to get three sets so Daddy could have one but you could only buy 2 sets from Smiths so he just had to share with Big Brother.


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Self portrait

We were invited to a party and the children decided they wanted to add their own drawings to our card. Big Brother did a couple of drawings and we included this one – showing him and his sister. I love the fact they’re both smiling. He also wrote his name on the bottom.

IMG_6652Little Sis surprised me with her drawing of her brother. I think this is the first of her drawings which is based on an actual person. She added eyes, a nose, mouth, hair and ears. I think it’s a pretty good likeness.

IMG_6653I hope the party girl appreciated her drawings.

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