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Second-hand books

The weather was so lovely today that we took a picnic out to the Flying Club to enjoy whilst Dad was flying his planes. Afterwards we visited to the local Dogs Trust. We always find something in their second-hand book shop and today the 6 year old found a Star Wars book he didn’t yet have. He had to buy it but was then so engrossed that he forgot to look at all the dogs!


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Crafting for Star Wars Day

Recently Big Brother received a wonderful bundle of craft supplies from Staedtler. They also asked him to draw a picture of all his favourite things in space to celebrate Star Wars Day next month. As you can imagine at 6 years old he is the biggest Star Wars fan, so has spent the last few days drawing and drawing and drawing.

Crafting for Star Wars Day

First he prepared the background, drawing stars on a black background.


He used the wax crayons to draw lots of stars, planets, space ships and aliens. When he had finished he carefully cut around each one and stuck it to a craft stick.


He carefully cut a slit towards the bottom of the paper so he could place his drawings in front of the background.


I think he did a great job. He loves a drawing prompt and can be really creative when he puts his mind to it.


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A bowling party

Today Big Brother went to a bowling party. He’s only ever been bowling once before but he really enjoyed himself.


I think he thought he was going to do really well but the birthday boy goes every week so he didn’t really stand a chance! He did have a good time though and we’ve promised to all go again soon so he can practice!

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