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A family portrait

Despite spending all day at the farm yesterday we had another busy day today. We spent the morning at Northala Fields so Big Brother could play with his model boat and new model car. Then it was on to Ikea to purchase a long list of things for the house.

Little Sis wasn’t feeling too well so Big Brother drew her a special picture to make her feel better.


That’s Little Sis, Mummy and Daddy with Big Brother underneath. Get well soon Little Sis xx

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Augmented reality at the British Museum

This morning Big Brother and I headed to the British Museum and the Parthenon Galleries for the launch of the Gamar app which helps bring the museum to life with augmented reality. The app has been developed to enhance the museum-going experience for younger, technology savvy generations by ‘gamifying’ the learning experience. I thought this sounded perfect for Big Brother so we couldn’t wait to take a closer look.


‘A Gift for Athena’

When we arrived at the gallery he was handed a tablet and started the ‘A Gift for Athena’ game. It tells the story of how a gift for the goddess Athena’s birthday is stolen during a celebratory parade. Children are then asked to complete four challenges about the Parthenon temple to help get the gift back.

On the way, they will uncover fascinating details about famous statues, the wonderful stories behind many of the people depicted on the friezes, and the epic history of ancient Greece. It’s a lovely app, easy to use and with lots of information which really helped to bring the statues and friezes to life. I loved seeing how it made him actually look at the objects on display and helped him understand about their context. The challenges were fun and it was really interesting to see how technology could enhance his experience.


How it works

This pioneering technology triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences when looking at real-life objects and environments. Set to change the way we learn in and interact with public galleries, augmented reality will create a fun learning experience that helps people understand their surroundings. Technology company Gamar perfectly merges culture and technology with its easy to use app and games. Suitable for children aged seven upwards, simply hold a smart phone or tablet near an object and watch the display as the two instantly interact – helping children learn about the stories and history behind exhibits. Don’t delay, visit today and be one of the first to try it out. The Gamar app is available through Google Play and App Store for FREE and each game is priced at £2.49, for more information see www.gamar.com.

Our morning out involved visiting some new stations as part of our London Underground Challenge, which was both exciting and tiring :)

London adventures


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Walking the Riverside Bookbench trail

With Little Sis at nursery, Big Brother and I seized the opportunity to head into London. Our destination was Waterloo Station which was the start of the Riverside Bookbench trail. This summer 50 unique BookBench sculptures, designed by local artists and famous names to celebrate London’s literary heritage and reading for enjoyment, have been placed around London. As most of this trail involved walking along the South Bank, which is flat, Big Brother took his scooter.

The first bench to find was at Waterloo Station – The World’s Biggest Flipbook by Jeremy Banx.

Waterloo book bench

Then we had quite a long walk/scoot along the South Bank, where we passed Blackfriars station ticking it off our list, and to The Globe to see the Shakespeare bench by artist Lucy Dalzell.

We took in lots of famous sites along the way, Big Brother loved the Golden Hinde and just round the corner we found the Great Expectations bench by artist Ivan Liotchev and Paddington Bear bench by artist Michelle Heron, both at Montague Close.

Then it was a short scoot to The World of Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson at Hay’s Galleria. The Book Bench is inspired by a range of Scheffler/Donaldson characters, and was created by Axel Scheffler himself. Needless to say this was a very popular bench and probably our favourite. It featured all our favourite characters from Zog to Superworm, the Witch from Room on the Broom and the Gruffalo.

With the end in sight we carried on towards City Hall and More London where there were 6 book benches:

Discworld, Dr Seuss, Clarice Bean, How to Train Your Dragon, Through the Looking Glass and War Horse

Riverside book benchesYay, we did it! We were slightly tired by this point so happy to head to London Bridge and home, just in time to pick Little Sis up from nursery.

London Bridge station

The Book Benches can be found around London until the 15th September. More information can be found on the Books about Town website.



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