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My little artist

When Big Brother returned home from school he wanted to use the easel which we have recently put back downstairs. He loves drawing and this is the perfect place for him to be really creative.

Today he spent some time on a family portrait. He was really keen to make sure he asked everyone their favourite colour so he could get the colour of their clothes right. You can see Daddy hasn’t been coloured it yet as he wasn’t home when I took this.

IMG_9748A little later Little Sis was given a mop of blond hair and Daddy was finally given something to wear.

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A grand day out in London

We started our day with a trip here – The Shard!

the view from the ShardUnfortunately it was really cloudy and overcast but we headed inside for our trip to the top. You have to take two lifts, one from floor 1 to 33, then another lift to level 69. From there you can walk around the viewing platform. You can walk up a further three flights of stairs to level 72 and the open-air viewing gallery.

the shardThe lifts were really quick but you could barely notice that we were moving. The children loved the fact that each lift played a short video on the ceiling!

the shard

They loved looking out over London. On a clear day you can see for 40 miles and we were able to see lots of London landmarks from London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and One Canada Square.

We spent about a 45 minutes admiring the view then headed back down in the lifts, purchased some squished pennies for our collection then taxied over to the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Mercer Street for afternoon tea. The children were really well behaved and enjoyed the finger sandwiches, scones and delicious cakes. They each received a copy of Matilda too so I can’t wait to start reading that with them at bedtime.

stupendous afternoon tea


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How to make a Lego marble run

Sometimes the simplest games are also the best. My 4 year old was looking for some entertainment whilst I was busy so I suggested he make a lego marble run. His first comment was that he couldn’t but with a little encouragement he did!

Materials needed to make a Lego marble run
large Lego Duplo base board
selection of Lego Duplo bricks

How to make a Lego marble run

The best thing about this activity is that there is no right or wrong way to do it! The 4 year old started off with a base board and added lego bricks, making a difficult run for his marbles to run through.

lego marble runHe experimented a lot, moving bricks, adding a wall of bricks around the outside of the base board, and making the bricks high to keep the larger marble in.

lego marble runIt was great watching him work and making more complicated runs.

lego marble runEventually he added a second base board, and a couple of towers! I can definitely see this being added to and played with again and again.

how to make a lego marble run

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