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School assembly

Big Brother took part in a special class assembly today. Daddy surprised him by coming along and we both enjoyed the assembly about Divali and Remembrance Day. Big Brother did a great joy with the lines he had been given.


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A cookery class

We received a lovely invitation to a cookery class today. The children really enjoy helping in the kitchen so I knew they would love to be chefs for an afternoon.

West Hampstead

First there was some pumpkin carving, both carved very different designs.


Yep, Little Sis’ pumpkin was bigger than her head :)


Then there was the cookery lesson. They made soda bread, lentil and spinach soup, vegetable curry and banana and chocolate empanadas. It was so sweet watching them cook on their own hobs and they enjoyed learning something new. We took our bread and vegetable curry home for dinner and I’ve promised to let them cook at home soon!


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James and the Giant Peach Juice

This morning we went to a really fun show at our local theatre, The Dinosaur that Pooped a Show. We’ve been reading the books and the children loved the show.

When we got home we made our own¬†James and the Giant Peach Juice as we’re currently reading the book. I bought Big Brother a copy of a¬†Roald Dahl’s Completely Revolting Recipes which he has gone through and added post it notes on every recipe he wants to make.

James and the Giant Peach Juice

The peach juice was easy to make. We used a tin of peaches, mango juice and a lemon. We placed it all in the blender and whizzed it around until we had a delicious smoothie.

James and the Giant Peach Juice

You can see that Big Brother enjoyed his peach juice!

James and the Giant Peach Juice

I can’t wait to try the next recipe in the book.

James and the Giant Peach Juice

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