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How to make a paper plate Christmas tree

Today we made simple sun catchers using paper plates which I thought I would share.

Equipment needed to make a paper plate Christmas tree sun catcher:
paper plate
coloured squares of cellophane
contact paper
hole punch

How to make a paper plate Christmas tree:

Cut out a tree shape from the center of a paper plate and cover it with a piece of contact paper.

paper plate sun catcherCut the cellophane squares into small pieces and place over the cut out Christmas tree.

paper plate sun catcherMake sure there aren’t any gaps! When you have finished cover the other side of the paper plate with contact paper, trim if necessary.

paper plate sun catcherPunch a hole in the top of the paper plate and thread with string to hang in the window.

paper plate sun catcher

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Christmas crafting with Twinkl

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but we’re big fans of Twinkl, they make lesson plans and activities and brilliant primary teaching resources. I was looking for some fun activities for the children to do and found a fun gingerbread house printable.

The 4 year loves to colour with his special pens. He keeps these in their packet and doesn’t let his sister use them.

IMG_7751Little Sis loves to scribble and will finish a colouring book in one sitting if she can.

IMG_7752Both these pictures are currently stuck on the back doors so we can admire them. Let the Christmas crafting commence!

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Hand print ghosts

Little Sis and I had a crafty morning today. We did painting, glueing and writing all before our first Dinky Dancers session.

Material needed to make hand print ghosts:
black paper
white paint
googly eyes

hand print ghost

How to make hand print ghosts:

Little Sis loves to feel paint on her hands so she let me paint one hand with the white paint. Then she carefully placed her hand on the sheet of black paper. We did this a couple of times to make sure we had some good prints.

paintingThen we set them aside to let them dry.

white hand printsTo finish our ghosts off we rotated the sheet of paper 180° and added googly eye stickers.

hand print ghosts - treading on legoThe children are really excited about Halloween already so these will be fun to hang up nearer the time.

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