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Paper plate flower basket

This is another of those crafts we’ve been working on for a while. A couple of days ago we painted some paper plates with brown paint. When they were dry I cut out a small section of the paper plate and we added some black lines to make them look like baskets.


We then glued around the edge and stuck the paper plate basket to a sheet of coloured paper.

paper plate basket

Then it was time to fill our spring baskets with flowers, we used a pack of fabric petals from Baker Ross. When each basket was full we stuck a few petals to the piece of paper too.

paper plate basket

By this time Little Sis was bored and ran away to do something else. Big Brother finished off his spring basket with a pink foam bow.

paper plate basket

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Crafting with styrofoam eggs

We seem to have a plethora of styofoam eggs this year, I obviously keep buying them when I see them and promptly forget about them. This year they are all in an Easter basket to remind us to get crafting.

styrofoam egg craft

I bought a pack of eye and moustache stickers from Tiger which I thought would be perfect for some quick crafting. The 4 year old had fun choosing his favourites and sticking them on the eggs to create some crazy faces.

styrofoam egg crafting

When he had finished we displayed some of the eggs in vintage egg cups.

styrofoam egg crafts

I wonder what other ways we can come up with to decorate them.

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Potato masher egg print

Have you ever noticed how a potato masher is egg shaped? You know what that means? It’s perfect for covering in paint and making egg shapes for an Easter decoration!

My son had so much fun with this craft. He kept saying “potato masher” over and over again, I don’t think he could quite believe what he was being allowed to do :)

I set him up with a selection of paints, a paintbrush, paper and potato masher.

potato masher printing

He covered the end of the masher with paint then pressed it gently on the paper.

potato masher printing

He printed lots of eggs which we then left to dry before cutting them out. We wanted to make the printed eggs into a banner so found some bakers twine and wooden pegs and assembled it all.

potato masher printing

Voila! An egg-cellent Easter banner.

potato masher printed easter eggs

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