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Our crafty morning

Every Tuesday we have been attending our local Creation Station for some fun craft. Today the 4 year was learning all about symmetry. He made a beautiful butterfly by cutting out a butterfly shape, folding the paper in half, painting one side and folding the other half of the paper over. His butterfly was lovely (although of course I would say that!). He finished it off by adding a craft stick body and some googly eyes. This was a great craft so we should be able to do it at home with Little Sis too.

He did some more cutting, the idea was to make positive and negative paper shapes but we didn’t manage it too well. It’s a good job you’re never too old to learn :)

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Dollshouse blanket for Little Sis

Nanny very kindly made Little Sis her own version of a blanket I saw in Cath Kidston. I don’t think they make it any more but it was a blanket featuring a house, very sweet but expensive.

Nanny’s version was much better and included a doll behind each door or window. Little Sis loves it.

dollshouse blanket

It’s currently on her bedroom floor so she can play with it before bed each evening. It’s backed with a lovely soft Disney Princess blanket so I know Little Sis will be snuggling under it come Winter!

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The Creation Station!

I can’t believe the weeks are going so quickly but today was our weekly craft session at The Creation Station.

Big Brother was very happy and confident to join in the fun. He learnt a little about circles and semicircles before getting creative with them! He made a fin party hat which he decorated with paints, crayons, glue and paper. He also made a picture of a bowl of ice-cream, again decorated with colourful sprinkles.


He was happy to pose for a photo!


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