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An after school treat

I promised Big Brother a trip to the cinema after his first week at Reception. He’s only attended three mornings this week but he’s handled it all really well and I thought he deserved a treat. We saw a trailer for The Boxtrolls on a recent trip to the cinema so we agreed to go and see it in Uxbridge. We took the tube which made everyone happy.


The Boxtrolls was a really good film and both the children loved it. Daddy was able to meet us after the film had finished and treated us to dinner at Five Guys.


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A trip to the cinema

We didn’t have anything planned for today so decided to head off to the cinema to see Planes 2. You may remember we were lucky enough to see the film a couple of weeks ago. The children were very excited and also really well behaved. The film was just as good as we remembered although Big Brother wanted to know why there wasn’t free popcorn and drinks on our seats.


We did a little shopping after the cinema and Little Sis was pretty pleased to find a Frozen stamp set. She spent the afternoon stamping and making pictures for everyone.


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Finkley Down Farm

So today we spent the day with some friends at Finkley Down Farm in Hampshire. There were farm animals, indoor and outdoor play areas.

There were cute bunnies I really wanted to handle, but Little Sis so obviously didn’t.


There was pony grooming which I really wanted to do, but Little Sis had no interest in.


Fortunately there was lots of other stuff to do which she did want to do. They both enjoyed playing on the tractors and ride on toys.


After lunch we explored the indoor play areas. The children were in heaven and explored each of the 5 areas in turn. They both loved the Construction Zone which featured large Lego blocks :)


They ran around for hours (which is always a good thing) and had fun in the ball cannon area and playzone. I think we were there for 6 hours and didn’t manage to see everything!

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