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A visit to A La Ronde

We love to visit National Trust properties so were excited to spend the morning visiting A La Ronde as it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since reading about it in the National Trust guide book decades ago. It certainly didn’t disappoint even though it was covered it scaffolding.

The sixteen-sided house was designed by two spinster cousins, Jane and Mary Parminter, on their return from a grand tour of Europe in the late 18th century. It includes some of the treasures they collected on their travels, an interesting a feather frieze and a shell-encrusted gallery which is unfortunately too fragile to visit.

The house is amazing, I loved the way it had been originally laid out to make the most of the sun, such a shame that the Victorians came along and ‘modernised’ it.

We took part in the Cadbury-sponsored Easter Egg Trail around the garden which was fun and the children were very happy to take home two large Easter eggs as a reward.

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Denham Car Boot Sale

Today we introduced the children to their first car boot sale. There’s a huge one down the road which meant it was easy to get there just as it opened. They put on there wellies, as it was held in a huge muddy field, and were both given some pocket money. They really enjoyed looking at all the stalls, Big Brother bought cars and Little Sis found a new Peppa Pig book. Both were rewarded for their good behaviour with a ride on the carousel and an ice-cream.


Unfortunately Little Sis had a tantrum because daddy didn’t buy her a flake. She only stopped crying when he gave her his ice-cream and flake.

eating (1)

She took so long to eat it she finished it in the back of the car! Beautiful weather for our first car boot sale of the year.

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Pinner Memorial Park

This morning we went to Pinner Memorial Park, it was a lot drier than on our last visit.


The children had a great time with their cousin, although it might not look like it in this photo.


The park has a great playground which appealed to all the ages – 2, 4 and 9.


One of us liked to pose, she quickly put her coat back on after this. Despite the beautiful sunshine it was cold!


Little Sis tried to keep up with the older two.


Everyone had a great time, it was lovely to see Little Sis laugh.


Then it was time to go and warm up in the cafe. I don’t think we’ve ever waited so long for food before so next time we visit it will be for drinks only. The children were happy to pose for photos for the first 5 minutes before they realised how hungry they were.


Cream on the nose is always good for a smile.


Then we had to drop our visitors at the station. See you again soon Auntie CaCa and Willow.

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