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An Easter Egg hunt

Our Easter weekend has been so busy we had our annual Easter Egg hunt this morning before we left nanny’s. The children enjoyed stomping round the garden although Big Brother was found to be moving his sister’s eggs before she had a chance to find them!

Easter Egg hunting

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Easter lunch at The George Inn

The George Inn at Norton St Philip has to be one of my favourite places so I was excited to be eating there on Easter Day. We actually managed to stay there back in 2007 and it’s really atmospheric. Unfortunately today the rain was lashing down so we didn’t get a chance to admire the beautiful building. We did have a tasty lunch though and the children were very well behaved.

DSC_2305before food

DSC_2322after food

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all.

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Helping nanny

The children helped nanny make the annual Easter cake. Little Sis was happy to taste as she went along but did a great job spreading jam and cream and decorating the top with little eggs.


Then they decorated a little Easter tree with eggs, all ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny!


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