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An Easter Egg hunt

The children get really excited by Easter. Last night they left a bowl of carrots out for the Easter bunny and, luckily, this morning they were gone. In their place was a pile of beautifully wrapped Easter eggs.

IMG_1176It didn’t take long for the children to open their eggs. Then it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt in the garden.

IMG_1184Fortunately the Easter bunny hadn’t hidden them in really hard places and the children were able to find them all.

IMG_1186There was just enough time to build a Lego set that Little Sis received – Jasmine’s Exotic Palace 41061.

Lego Jasmine's Exotic PalaceThen it was off for a delicious lunch at The Bell at Rode before relaxing at nannys’s with a delicious slice of Simnel cake.

slice of Simnel cake

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More baking at Nanny’s house

With Easter fast approaching there was still more baking to be done, this time delicious chocolate cakes.

IMG_1157Once they were cooked and cooled the children decorated them with tasty chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

IMG_1170They both love baking and enjoyed themselves (and eating the leftover chocolate of course).


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Baking an Easter cake with Nanny

We are spending Easter with Nanny. We put the Easter decorations up and made a cake with Nanny.

baking a cake with nannyThe little people were very good and listened to what Nanny said.

baking a cake with nannyIt was a special Simnel cake which meant lots of marzipan was eaten.

baking a cake with nannyLittle Sis particularly enjoyed pinching the marzipan around the edge of the cake.

baking a cake with nanny

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