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Lego Christmas tree

Little Sis spent most of the morning building a Christmas tree from her Lego Duplo.

Lego Christmas treeFirst she picked out all the green bricks. Yes, there’s a green toilet in there.

Lego Christmas treeWe made a tree shape on a green base board and she filled it in with green bricks. We added a couple of brown bricks for the tree trunk. Then we decorated it with coloured flower bricks for stars and used fences for tinsel.

Lego Christmas treeWe think it looks pretty cute and the children have been moving the bricks around all day.

Lego Christmas tree

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Another handmade ornament

Little Sis brought home another handmade ornament from nursery today, a framed photograph of herself! It’s been added to our Christmas tree.

IMG_8332I love her expression, she can never keep a straight face when she’s asked to smile for the camera.

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Winter Tinkerbell

Little Sis had a special Christmas party today at nursery. She was able to dress up so chose to go as Winter Tinkerbell with thick tights and a long-sleeved tshirt. She had new sparkly shoes too but she wasn’t too sure about them.


She didn’t really want her photograph taken but she was very happy about the party and had a lovely time.


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