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Baking cakes with Little Sis

Little Sis loves to bake. She’s been much better lately, actually eating the things she makes, rather than just licking the icing off! She asked if we could make some more cakes so this morning we made a pack of Frozen themed cakes. She did everything, mixing the ingredients, decorating them and choosing which ones she wanted to eat first.



Her favourite part is always licking the bowl and she made sure there was plenty of icing left to enjoy.


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Little Sis the butterfly

Little Sis has been learning all about mini beasts this term at nursery. Today they had a special performance, singing special mini beast songs and telling everyone their favourite mini beast. Little Sis dressed up as a beautiful butterfly with very special wings.

butterfly costume

She performed really well and we were so proud of her.

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Little Sis gets a hair cut

It’s not often that Little Sis gets a hair cut but lately her long hair has been really troublesome. I have been dropping some hints about getting it cut and she wanted short hair, like the boys at nursery! We compromised at shoulder length which was still quite a lot off.

hair cut time

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