Fun at the Beaver Bonanza

Today we all went along to the annual Beaver Bonanza. The theme was Space and last week Big Brother made a fun UFO themed costume at Beavers. There were loads of activities to do and Big Brother (and Little Sis!) spent the day visiting the stalls and learning about space.

The weather was amazing so it was a great way to tire them out! Big Brother had another go on the climbing wall.

There were some really fun team building exercises! We finished off our day with the Science Dome which was another great way to learn about space.

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Getting crafty at Rainbows

Little Sis has been enjoying Rainbows for a while now. I think it’s pretty tame compared to Beavers but she’s always really proud of whatever she has been making.

Tonight she brought home a very decorated Rainbow badge and she was really proud of the writing –

getting crafty at Rainbows

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Lego Create The World book and trading cards from Sainsbury’s

Earlier this week I was given a couple of packs of trading cards when I shopped at Sainsbury’s. It’s been a busy week so they lay forgotten at the bottom of my handbag until today. I got them out and noticed that they said Lego, so put them to one side to give to the children.

This afternoon we went to a larger Sainsbury’s and spotted the Lego Create The World book for £2. We picked up a copy to share and received a few more packs of trading cards when we were paying for our shopping.

We thought it would make for a fun video so here’s our thoughts on the new Lego Create The World book and trading cards from Sainsbury’s.

There are 140 LEGO Minifigures cards and LEGO CREATE cards to collect. Just keep shopping, just keep shopping…..

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