Asda’s Little Angels baby food

By | March 13, 2011

Asda have recently launched their own range of organic baby food called Little Angels baby food and we were sent some samples to try. I try to make my own food for Edward but rely on pouches if I’m in a hurry or when we’re out and about. We tried the meals over a couple of days and overall we were very impressed.

Good points:

the food is slightly textured but not lumpy so helps prepare your baby for chewing

each pouch is ready to eat cold or can be warmed

only organic ingredients have been used and they contain no nasties

each pouch is a single portion but too generous for us so we’d say each portion contains two portions of a balanced meal

Edward’s favourite was the Tomato and Vegetable Pasta 🙂

Bad points:

The smell and taste of cinnamom was a bit too strong for our liking in the cottage pie meal but it didn’t stop Edward from eating and enjoying it.


We would recommend these pouches for mum’s on a budget. The pouches are priced very reasonably at £1.34 each.

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