A day of firsts

By | April 3, 2011

Today we all went to John Lewis so Edward could get his feet measured for his first pair of walking shoes. He’s not too sure about them so we’re just going to put them on for an hour a day until he gets used to them.

Edward also had his first haircut today from Auntie Maria.



We’ve kept a few wisps of his baby hair for posterity.

2 thoughts on “A day of firsts

  1. Judith Wall

    He’s even more handsome…………of course, not that I’m biased or anything……………
    Big boy shoes too, how our Little Man is growing up…….

  2. Liska

    I had my “first” Mother’s Day. Hubby’s made sure I will never ever forget it – for all the wrong reasons and I cried for most of it. Off to bed now.

    I’m glad you guys had a lovely day. The haircut and the shoes are groovy 🙂


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