Highgate Wood – children’s playground

By | August 29, 2011

To mark the extended weekend we thought we should do something pretty special so after breakfast we headed off to Highgate Wood. I’m ashamed to say we’ve lived in the area for years and hardly ever venture to Highgate Wood. However off we went and after parking the car we headed out into the wood.

Our first mistake was leaving the buggy at home. Even though it wasn’t our usual concrete terrain and the buggy wouldn’t have coped Edward didn’t like the idea of walking. However, with a bit of encouragement, cajoling, blackmailing and a few piggy backs from daddy, we eventually made it to the children’s playground.

Now this playground was special. It had a wendy house, swings, climbing frame, sand pit and lots of other activities for our keen toddler. Edward was really happy playing with the other children and running off some of his toddler energy.

When the time came to leave he cried which we took as a good sign and promised we would come back soon. The playground is lovely, the other parents were friendly, there was the promise of a cafe (which we never found) and everything was clean and well looked after. A big 10/10 from us.

On the way back to the car we introduced Edward to the concept of climbing trees. He also tested out the durability of his new clothes – leather jacket, trousers and shoes – thankfully all were fine!

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