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By | September 20, 2011

The lovely people at ASDA sent Edward some toys from their new Play and Learn range to play with. The range is for pre-schoolers with the aim of nurturing their basic development in an entertaining and stimulating way.

We tried the Baby’s Phone which has lovely chunky buttons, a mirror, sounds and lights. We will definitely be keeping this for the new baby.

My First Flashcards features 30 double sided cards with words and pictures – great for encouraging Edward’s vocabulary.

Early Years Puzzles (Wildlife) contains two animal themed puzzles (the pieces are different sizes) – a bit beyond Edward’s current capabilities but I think his older cousin would enjoy doing these with him.


Prices start from just £1 and the range includes a bead maze, shape sorter, hammer and ball set and a musical pull-along amongst others. The toys are great quality and competitively priced.

One thought on “ASDA Play and Learn

  1. Vicky

    Sorry to bring back an old post but I bought a I bought the ASDA baby’s phone for my son & one for my sister for xmas and my son licked the mirror screen (as babies do!) but the paint actually came off the mirror! I don’t know if they all have this problem but I am just trying to spread the word to make people aware of this problem. I would appreciate if you would pass this info on as it scares me to think that people are letting their children play with these potentially dangerous toys! The product has not been re-called to my knowlege, but it looks as though it is no longer available online. Thanks for reading x


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