The rules of (soft) play?

By | February 3, 2012

We very rarely go to Little Dinosaurs in Ally Pally. It’s small, always smells of smoke and the staff are really unpleasant. However, it was a cold day and I wanted BB to have a run around so we went and met up with friends. We got there at 10 and were surprised to find it really busy. We took off our layers and went into the soft play area for toddlers for a while, Little Sis came too but didn’t really know what was going on.

BB and his friend soon wanted to explore the rest of Little Dinosaurs so we took it in turns to watch them whilst the other stayed with Little Sis. They both had a great time and this was the first time both of them have explored the whole area and been able to climb on everything without help. All was fine until another, older, child, completely unprovoked took his fingernails to BB’s face. I watched in horror as BB just stood there and promptly burst into tears. I rushed in but the other boy was gone and I didn’t get a good enough look to hunt him down and shout at his parents for letting him be so horrible.

We left soon after. This is my problem with Little Dinosaurs. Parents let their children run around completely unsupervised, whilst they gossip with their friends, and don’t care what they get up to.



5 thoughts on “The rules of (soft) play?

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  2. Dominique

    LITTLE DINOSAURS IS GREAT!! We’ve been taking the kids to Little Dinosaurs since it opened and most importantly the kids absolutely adore it. It’s fantastic for adults having both the inside and outside. We’ve been to several parties there which were superb. The place is always spotless and looks fantastic for them. Of course if you turn up on a busy day and kids have been treading food into the floor for hours, it won’t always look pristine.


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