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By | April 11, 2012

We received a copy of the new book ‘How to Con Your Kid’ by David Borgenicht and James Grace. I was intrigued by the title as, lets be honest, I’m always on the look out for tips to help me ‘negotiate’ with the toddler. I’m still trying to figure out my parenting style but the onslaught of the Terrible Two’s has left me looking for suggestions.

how to con your kid

Everyone knows that children bring boundless joy into your life. However, they also bring temper tantrums, stubborn moods, sulks, and a level of mis-behaviour that would tax a saint at times – as any parent who has tried to get one to finish their dinner knows! It’s time to spare the aggravation and take some action. How to Con Your Kid shows how parents can con their toddlers to do anything. Want your kid to try broccoli? Serve a plate of “baby trees.” Want them to take a bath? Put on a swim suit and go “swimming” together. From simple “short cons” to more elaborate, step-by-step scams, How to Con Your Kid features tricks and tips for the home, travel, green vegetables, parties, walks, sitting still, teeth cleaning, sharing with friends, cleaning up, visiting the dentist, and so much more.

Written in a light-hearted manner, yet full of practical, proven methods to get your children to do what they should do, How to Con Your Kid collects tried-and tested methods to induce children to go to sleep, dress themselves, behave at the table, and watch TV with their siblings without quarreling. Written by two hands-on fathers with years of practical experience in small, wilful children, this is a boon to any parent. Plus, for those rare moments when everything fails, two sheets of “bribe stickers” have been included – guaranteed to transform the most terrible toddler into a well-behaved angel.

If you fancy getting hold of a copy of this fun little book just leave a comment sharing your best tip for dealing with the terrible two’s!

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***** The winner is Heather Gutowsk *****

62 thoughts on “Giveaway – How to con your kid

  1. zoe hargreaves

    hi my best tip is if you child is paddying and tantruming over something ignore them don’t look at them or speak because as they are not getting a reaction they learn that the paddying is not going to work, but if you shout at them or tell them off ect its reinforcing the bad behavior xx

  2. Tracy Nixon

    Try to ignore negative behaviour and praise good!!!! (So positive reinforcement is being used). Shouting and telling off a naughty child is just giving them what they want – attention!

  3. Sarah Peacock

    Make sure you take some time out for yourself. Stepping away can sometimes be the best thing to do.

    Retweeted @99peacocks

  4. Holly Boyd


    I will need all the help I can get, would love a book like this.

  5. Dan

    I adopted a four year old. Terrible two’s? Solved.

  6. vicky morton

    My best tip would be to ignore the tantrums and never give in!

  7. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Staying calm although its hard, and trying to focus on the positive! I’d love to get this book to pass on to my son who is need of some help with parenting!

  8. emma cella

    Give Them Choices. But Choose Their Choices.

  9. Stephanie Tsang

    Try to stay calm and ignore the tantrums. Or by distracting them to forget their tantrums.

  10. Natasha Gandy

    I know try and ignore the behaviour is best but I sooooo want to do what the lady in the Vicks advert does and throw a wobbly back !! x

  11. Alana Walker

    Haha this book sounds amazing, and boy do i need it!x

  12. Emma Lowe

    i will soon be having the terrible 2’s with my daughter, think they have come early though, shes only 13 months and already started to scream when she doesnt get her own way or something not going right for her. its easy to say this, but my best tip is to try and ignore it or try and not get in the situation to when you know your little one might get upset/angry. @emmajlowe

  13. siobhan marie

    alot of parents forget to praise . it is very much needed even if its the tiny things. without praise how is a child to know the good from the wrong. my daughter is very hypoactive so i make sure to do this as even if it will not stop everything she does it gives her a chance to think about her actions.

  14. sarah clegg

    distraction sing go into a dance or tickle them ect if all fails just ignore as all kids are diff xx

  15. cheryl.lovelly

    Try to stay calm and don’t hold a grudge with them, children cannot comprehend this

  16. kimberley plant

    i think they need to be ignored its a phase and will pass i have twins and i wizzed threw them if there ignored they know they wont get away with it 🙂

  17. Claire Butler

    Stay calm as soon as you lose it you lose control. Kids feed off our emotions so if you feel yourself losing it leave the room, obviously making sure child is safe so keep them in eye shot/ear shot. If partner around or teenage sibling to watch them for 5 minutes slip outside and breathe.

    ALSO be firm tell them what you want expect . ie if they want a biscuit to ask nicely instead of throwing tantrum, repeat yourself once and then ignore whatever behaviour is for long as you possibly can get eye contact and repeat expectation again

  18. Emma Bradshaw

    My advice is have a set routine and firm boundaries and a fair reward/sanction system that they understand. I am through terrible 2’s with no.1 – unfortunately seems to be worse at 3! No.2 is 2 at the end of the year so fingers crossed!

    I have tweeted @emmathebradshaw

  19. Amanda H

    My best tip is to have alot of patience. Its an age of frustration and not so great communication so if a full blown temper tantrum occurs, remove your little one from the situation so they can calm down before trying to talk to them. Someone once told me a damp cloth or babywipe on the face of a toddler who is in an uncontrollable tantrum is enough of a shock, and comfort to calm them down very quickly. Love the blog.

  20. Sarah Burke

    I think it’s best to have a good routine in place and to try to constantly praise good behaviour, whilst ensuring there are appropriate consequences to bad behaviour.

  21. Stacey Corrin

    I would love to win this! I have a 2 and a half year old who tax’s the patience out of me at the best of times, despite being the golden child around every one else!

    The best tip I have is to ignore any sulky behaviour but discipline unacceptable behaviour like hitting with time out or the naughty step.

  22. Maria Knight

    My son in going to hit 2 next month so reading these tips has been fantastic! My top tip would be dont give into your toddler just because its easy in a public place, they have to learn that no means no. Forget about all the strangers staring at your toddler, i can gaurantee the majoritee have been there themselves with their children at some point.

  23. Clare F Wood

    try to ignore as much as possible and reward/praise the positive behaviour

  24. olivia kirby

    I either ignore them or try to distract them. I certainly do not give in to them!!

  25. Lyndsey Allison

    stand your ground – its soooo worth it in the long run!!

  26. jayne

    keep calm and dont give in

    My little girl is definitely going through the terrible two’s right now so this book would be a godsend! Saying that, she does have another side and cant be a lovely little angel too….sometimes… x

  27. Angela Morgan

    in the safety of home, a cuddle and leave them be

  28. Eirwen

    Be firm. Never back down when you’ve given them boundaries. Make sure you and your partner are singing from the same hymnsheet – kids soon learn that they can play off one parent against the other!

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