Time for the big boy bed

By | April 27, 2012

What do you do when your 25 month old can climb out of his cot? Convert it into a cot bed of course.

Gone are the bars, replaced with a big empty space.
We tried to get him used to the idea after reading a great article in Mother and Baby magazine. We spent time in his room, played with toys, sat in his bed, put his toys to bed and talked about it. He went to bed without any trouble and we watched him on our lovely new video monitor as he got used to his new surroundings. He fell asleep quite quickly and everything was fine until midnight when he fell out of bed!

Unfortunately we all then had a bit of a sleepless night but that was due to him teething more than anything else. Is converting to a big bed really that simple?

3 thoughts on “Time for the big boy bed

  1. Nanny

    Give him a few nights, and he’l be fine – he’s picked everything else up with no trouble. What a grown-up boy…………..xxx

    1. jenny Post author

      He just fell out but onto the beanbag I placed next to him. Thank goodness for soft landings!

  2. Nanny

    You fell out of bed once and rolled underneath it. Dad and I had to lift the bed off you as we couldn’t reach you to get you out. So he’s following in mother’s footsteps……………xxx


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