WarnerBrothers blogger event

By | April 17, 2012

Difficult to believe this is the face of a boy who loves trains but he was slightly overwhelmed by out latest trip on the tube. We headed into the West End for a bloggers event held by Warner Brothers. We learned about their great film and gaming entertainment alongside new technologies, including UltraViolet, Blinkbox, Rovi, Flixster, 3D Blu-ray, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PS Vita. It was exhausting but lots of fun and we got to meet up with some of our favourite mummy bloggers. We also came home with a great goody bag full of blu-rays which should keep Big Brother occupied for a week or two!

One thought on “WarnerBrothers blogger event

  1. Nanny

    He does look a bit over- (or is it under-?) whelmed………xxxx


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