Broomfield Park

By | May 20, 2012

We had a lovely visit to Broomfield Park today. It’s a great park with a brilliant children’s playground. First of all we went to the boat pond to admire the model boats. Big Brother was on his scooter and Little Sis was in her new iCandy Strawberry.

Then we went off to see daddy race his model car amongst the trees. Finally we went to the playground where Big Brother had his first fall from his scooter thanks to a naughty hill. He spent most of the time on the really big climbing frame with the big kids.

When we got home he insisted on playing in the garden despite the cold weather. He’s going through a phase of not wearing many clothes indoors but I think he realised it was cold and I was able to put a couple of layers on him everytime I went out to see him! Hats in May is just wrong.

One thought on “Broomfield Park

  1. Nanny

    Sounds like a good outing. Summer is said to be on its way…………….xxxx


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