Stokke Tripp Trapp and newborn seat

By | May 9, 2012

Just around the time the toddler started to sit up I discovered a product I really wanted – the Stokke newborn seat. The seat can be used free standing or on a Tripp Trapp which means it can be used from birth to infinity. I loved it but sadly the toddler was already too big for it.

So when I discovered I was pregnant I started scouring the web to find myself one. I found a second hand one in perfect condition and put it away until it was needed.

When Little Sis was born the seat was a godsend as I could put her in it, strap her in, and know she was safe from the over excited toddler. She could be down on the floor with us while we played, or on her Tripp Trapp and at the table whilst we ate or did crafts. I loved that seat.

At 24 weeks she is still sitting in the chair and the straps have been extended again and again. Her feet now hang over the edge and it’s difficult to believe it will soon be redundant.

tripp trapp with newborn

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the seat as I couldn’t find any reviews when  I needed one. A couple of good points:

  • the Stokke newborn seat is officially known as the Tripp Trapp Newborn Set
  • can be used from birth
  • has a handy 5 point harness
  • seat padding
  • detachable toy hanger (great when Little Sis reached a couple of weeks old and could look around)

We found the seat was perfect for moving Little Sis around, especially if she fell asleep, which she frequently did. As she’s got older and tried to sit up the seat has given her lots of  support for looking around.

A couple of things we didn’t like:

  • we didn’t want to spend money on another fabric set but found the natural textile the seat came with got grubby really easily, even before we started weaning. The natural set is washable though – it’s just way down on my list of priorities.
  • the rubber profiles on the base of the seat come off regularly
  • the base is shaped for rocking but I never found it rocked easily and didn’t use it as  rocker

I totally love this product and have recommended it to everyone I meet. The positives far outweigh any bad points and I will be very sad when it’s no longer any use to us.

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  1. Nanny

    She looks very comfortable in her exalted position……..what a gorgeous girl…


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