Kentish Town City Farm

By | June 27, 2012

We were invited down to Kentish Town City Farm for the media launch of the new dairy range from Ella’s Kitchen. I like the idea of a City Farm although the last time we went to one the toddler didn’t really enjoy himself.

This time wasn’t much better. Fortunately the farm was situated between two train lines so the toddler spent the entire time saying ‘choo choo’ every time a train went past (which was quite often as we were in Zone 2).

We also had a trip to see the trains at Kings Cross and St Pancras stations (again). We had a brief stop next to an exciting old school BT phone box at St Pancras, but as you can see the toddler was most upset I was preventing him from taking the lift to see the trains! I have clearly created a monster.

BT ArtBox



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