A trip on the Emirates Air Line cable car

By | August 26, 2012

Today we planned a little day out for the transport-mad toddler. We took him on the Emirates Air Line cable car for a ride over the Thames!

It felt a bit like taking the tube except there was staff, and all very smartly dressed.

It was very pram-friendly too so we swiped our Oyster cards and were in, took the lift up, and jumped into a cable car (they don’t stop!).

The toddler loved it and the view was amazing. Little Sis seemed to enjoy the ride too and charmed everyone who shared our cable car.

Before you knew it we were back on the ground. Then we hopped on over to the DLR and had a ride on the driver-less train. The toddler really enjoyed it. Finally we drove to watch the planes take off and land at City Airport. A really busy day.

Little Sis also learned to clap her hands, which the toddler thought was hilarious. He earned another star on his reward chart so everybody was happy!

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