Gourmet scented pencils

By | August 18, 2012

We received a pack of 5 Smencils (gourmet scented graphite pencils) to review. These special new scents have been created in collaboration with Robinsons® Fruit Shoots™ in five flavours: apple, orange, tropical, summer fruits and blackcurrant & apple.


The toddler had loads of fun with his Smencils. I tried to teach him to sniff them but he found it quite difficult. The smell is quite strong which is why each pencil comes in its very own biodegradable tube, guaranteeing freshness for two years! They reminded me of the scented rubbers I had when I was at school, great to see the tradition survives with a modern twist.

drawing with smencils

The pencils are environmentally friendly too, made from 100% recycled newspaper!

We’ve been using them whilst the toddler ‘writes’ his shopping list and they’re really great fun. I must look out for the coloured Smencils too as he loves colouring in and these will only add to his enjoyment!

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