Happy House

By | August 16, 2012

Today was week three of our summer holiday music class. We’ve signed up for 45 minutes of music a week. It’s the only activity I’ve found that is suitable for both children and I was quite excited about it. The first week the toddler spent the entire time trying to leave to go to the park next door. The second week daddy came with us for moral support but the toddler behaved the same. Today he was much better and was happy for the first 30 minutes until he got bored and wanted to go to the park. Hopefully he’ll actually be enjoying it by our final session!

Little Sis loved it though. She enjoyed the bubbles, the listening ears, baking a cake and the music. Perhaps we can keep going when the toddler goes back to school.

One thought on “Happy House

  1. nanny

    BB has too much energy to sit still, bless him…………xxx
    LS is really enjoying herself – good idea to keep it going with her………..xxx


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