The thrifty parent

By | August 24, 2012

The children looked bored with their toys today so I thought I would see what they could play with around the house.

First up for Little Sis was a box filled with bottle tops. This went down really well and she quickly learned how to fling them across the floor. Then they were appropriated by Big Brother as he figured out some of them were magnetic and stuck to his trains.

Little Sis was treated to a second home made toy – lentils in an empty jar of baby food. I thought this would be popular but it wasn’t. She looked at it, picked it up, and quickly discarded it. Oh well, perhaps I should have put it together a couple of months ago!

Then it was Roo’s turn. He was given an old bottle filled with water and sent off to the bottom of the garden to water the flowers. He had a great time, giving nanny’s lily of the valley a very special water!

Next up was recreating Thomas the Tank Engine from cereal boxes and empty toilet rolls but that’s a whole different story!

One thought on “The thrifty parent

  1. nanny

    ………very enterprising – if thriftiness is to continue (in spite of the hundreds of pounds worth of toys the Little People have), we’ll have a flag day for you………xxxx


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