Peppa Pig Theme Park

By | November 7, 2012

The toddler was sent the latest Peppa Pig app which is jam-packed with TEN engaging games and activities that will keep little ones entertained for hours. Peppa Pig Theme Park provides fans with a variety of easy-to-play ‘Theme Park’ activities including Train Ride, Hot Air Balloon, Candy Floss, Musical Water Fountain and Tea Cup Ride!

Peppa Pig theme park

The app features rich animation and the much-loved characters, music and sound effects from the successful TV Show. Peppa Pig Theme Park also supports children in building essential early learning development skills such as concentration, hand-eye co-ordination, counting and creativity through these fun and varied interactive games. Lucky we have an iPad and iPad Mini as this is one app that the toddler loves to play!

The toddler didn’t need much help with this app apart from adding his name to the initial page of the app. Using simple and straight forward touch screen controls, intuitive gameplay and helpful audio prompts by TV series narrator John Sparkes, he found it easy to pick up and play.

Activities include:
Train ride – It’s time to drive the train, can you take the passengers to the right station?  Ticket’s please!  Players can touch the green button to move the train forward, touch the doors to open and close them and even tap the chain to sound the horn!

Musical water fountain – Peppa and George love the musical water fountain! Can you play some lovely tunes? Have fun by touching the coloured circles to make sounds and watch the water spray from the fountain!

Candy floss – Peppa and her family all love candy floss. Can you help Madam Gazelle to make the right candy floss for Peppa and her family?

Water cannon – Peppa loves water games! Can you help Peppa to use the water cannon to hit the objects? There are lots to ducks and boats to hit! Don’t forget to fill the balloons too!

Hot air balloon – Peppa and George are going on a hot air balloon ride.  Can you help to steer the hot air balloon and collect the coloured balloons?  Collect as many as you can and then count the ones you have collected by popping them!

Bumper cars – Peppa and her friends really love to play on the bumper cars.  Can you steer the car and help Peppa to bump into the other cars?

Tea cup ride – Peppa and George really enjoy the tea cup ride!  Join in the fun with Peppa and her friends!

Remote control cars – Peppa and George want to play with the remote control cars.  Can you help them steer round the course?  Remember to watch out for hazards!

Shop – Tokens have been won for successfully playing each game.  You can buy more stickers for your sticker album in the shop.

Sticker book – Buy virtual stickers in the Theme Park shop and arrange them in a selection of exciting scenes!


A must-have for all Peppa fans, Peppa Pig’s Theme Park offers children an exciting gaming experience that they can enjoy time and time again. Just have to visit the real Peppa Pig World now!

Peppa Pig Theme Park App is now available for £3.99 from the App Store on iPad or at

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