The Open and Play Recorder set giveaway

By | November 7, 2012

The toddler was sent a Pirate themed Open and Play Recorder pack! Whilst the husband sighed I thought it’s never too young to be musical. The music classes I used to take him to have clearly rubbed off as he’s been enjoying the recorder and making lots of music! The recorder is very easy to play which makes it an ideal instrument to learn more about music. The Blue Recorder Pirate pack contains a Starting to play book & CD, and pirate themed stickers (including fish, maps, skull & crossbones, parrots and pirate hats!).

The Open and Play recorder pack includes:

High quality three piece coloured descant recorder

Recorder cleaning rod and carry bag with drawstring

Themed fingering chart with handy ‘Starting to Play’ tips

60 peel-able themed stickers so you your child can decorate the recorder and music

Easy to understand ‘Starting to Play…’ tutor book and CD to begin playing straight away


This is an ideal music gift pack for children of all ages, and retails at a very reasonable £9.99

Pirate Recorder Box



I have a fun Open and Play Recorder pack to giveaway to a reader of treading on lego. The winner can choose the Princess or Pirate themed Recorder Pack.

To enter:

Entry is really simple – just leave a comment with the name of the first musical instrument you played at school.

For an extra entry tell others about the competition using the Retweet button below or tweet this message: I want to #win and make music with @jennykearney

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Small print:

The prize consists of one Open and Play Recorder pack. The giveaway ends November 16th at 8pm. The winner will be selected at random from all entries received and notified by email or their twitter handle. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available. This competition is open to UK entrants only.

***** the giveaway is now closed and the winner is @mummyandherkids *****

150 thoughts on “The Open and Play Recorder set giveaway

  1. olivia kirby

    I played the recorder and clarinet at school but probably the triangle was the first instrument I ever played! Ting!

  2. Lynne OConnor

    If you exclude waving a tambourine around at infants, my first (and only) instrument was the recorder

  3. Tracy Nixon

    When I was tiny i would have played the tambourine or shakers or triangle lol! I did learn to play the recorder though in my First school!

  4. Sue Hunt

    This brought back some memories, my first instrument was a dulcimer, I don’t suppose many young people know what one of those is nowadays.

  5. leanne allen

    the first instrument i played at school was a recorder, and my god did i play it awfully:)

  6. jennie jackson

    I played the recorder – wasnt very good though

  7. Geraldine McCambridge Foster

    mine was the violin and I hated it. I wanted to do the recorder.

  8. Joanne Mcquillan

    The recorder and can still play Londons Burning

  9. Alison Baines

    Hi, I suspect it was the triangle or something percussion like, but then I played the tenor recorder as I was the only child with long enough fingers!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Caroline James

    My first instrument was the recorder, I bet I could still play London’s Burning now haha

  11. JO JONES

    I started with the triangle then progressed to the recorder

  12. Jennifer

    It was a recorder, I was told I was too tone deaf to play anything else! Banned from violin lessons I’m afraid.

  13. abigail edkins

    I played the double bass as I was tall, given no choice in the matter and played it for 2 years : )

  14. cheryl lovell

    I played the recorder…i was particularly good at the star wars theme tune!

  15. Janine

    The first instrument I would of played at school was the triangle…ting!

  16. Georgina Seabrook

    The good old recorder of course! Then at seondary school I started the violin which only lasted a year as I couldn’t stand the teacher eating taramasalata throughout the lessons.

  17. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds

    The first instrument I learnt to play was the recorder but I was tone deaf so I was in torture as it was for ever other person in my class.

  18. diane findlay

    triangle , recorder at school and private lessons on the flute /piccolo

  19. Samantha Wright

    It was recorder that my mum had as a child (and still does!) 🙂

  20. Charlotte A

    I started with the recorder and moved on to the clarinet (which I gave up because I hated it!)

  21. stephanie tsang

    I played the recorder in the school orchestra at my primary school.

  22. Victoria Gillings

    A recorder 🙂
    Would love the princess one for my princess

  23. laura cope

    The triangle , and I wasn’t very good at it I tinged in all the wrong places at my first christmas carol service,

  24. emma hunt

    i used to play the guitar when i was younger , just recently giving it another go. 🙂

  25. kerry Locke

    One up from the recorder – I used to Play the Clarinet …. hours and hours of practice until I discovered boys :0)

  26. Rachel J Murray

    The Tuba when I was about 7 years old. I was too small for it so I had to SIT on about 3 Yellow Pages Books! haha

  27. marie hollingsworth

    it was the recorder the kids had one not long ago and i did londons burning on it lol x

  28. Christine stewart

    Has to be the good old recorder! Very first instrument I learnt to play 🙂

  29. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    It was a recorder and everyone took cover when I puffed my cheeks and blew!

  30. francis lee

    my first instrument was a trumpet, i used to drive my parents crazy

  31. Kelly Hooper

    The recorder, and I was terrible at it as I couldnt read music, in the end my sister sat and went through my entire music book writing in the letters of the notes for me 😉

  32. mummy and her kids

    Mine was in fact the recorder. I’ve wanted to buy one for my son but found them quite hard to find.

    Tweeted as @mummyandherkids

  33. Jo Kelly

    The recorder – I remember playing ‘Joe Joe Stumped his Toe’, hehe x

  34. Jo Kelly

    Have also signed up via RSS 🙂

    Thank yooou x

    @MrsD_Winchester x

  35. Andy Wilmore

    It was the recorder, and I froze on stage at my first performance !!

  36. Tracy Burgess

    It was a long broom handle with bottle tops nailed in…or claves … or… something percussive anyway. I later traded up to recorders 😉

  37. Lynne

    learnt the recorder when I was six years old! Remember us all ‘playing’ at the christmas nativity, must of been a right old noise!! 😉

  38. Rachel King

    the recorder – I was so bad though that I used to mime!

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