Christmas Day

By | December 25, 2012

Christmas Day started with a lovely lie-in (considering we have two children) at the very respectable time of half past 8. We had placed the toddlers stocking by his bed (despite him leaving it by the front door – toddler logic!) with a couple of presents. When we looked on the monitor he was holding a present but hadn’t opened it. We brought him upstairs so both children could open some gifts from their stocking. We soon had wrapping paper all over the bed and there were lots of excited noises!

christmas Collage

When we eventually got downstairs the toddler couldn’t believe how many toys Father Christmas had left by the tree. He assumed everything was for him but was eventually persuaded that there were gifts for everyone. We spent a happy day opening presents (having to leave some for the next day) and a lovely lunch too.

The toddler was spoilt and among his favourite toys were his Fireman Sam fire station and fire engine and accessory pack; Mack from Cars and a selection of Car; a toy golf set from Grandad; and lots of books and chocolates.

Little Sis was equally spoilt with lots of new clothes (she’s quite partial to the Little Bird clothing range by Jools Oliver; lots of Peppa Pig toys; white furry boots from Grandad and a trike from us.

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