Christmas in Covent Garden

By | December 1, 2012

One of our favourite places to visit is Covent Garden. We live a couple of stops away on the Piccadilly Line so it’s easy to get to, we have year long passes for the London Transport Museum and there’s always something going on in the Piazza. We had a rare free day so thought we’d head down to see what was going on and we found it was very Christmassy!

First of all there is the World’s largest Lego Advent Calendar, made with over 600,000 LEGO bricks and standing at 3m wide, 5m high and 1 metre deep. It’s inside Covent Garden Market Building’s South Hall on the West Piazza and pretty impossible to miss. The doors are opened at 4pm each day from 1st   to the 24th December, and hidden behind each door is a 3D Lego Christmas surprise, including a Christmas cake, Elf in the workshop, reindeer and Christmas tree to name a few. 4pm was a bit late for us to hang around but we enjoyed seeing it.

As well as the Advent calendar there was a fancy dress race for charity, a huge Christmas tree made from barrels of Jack Daniels, a huge (fake) reindeer but two very beautiful real reindeer. Daddy queued up with the toddler so they could get close and feed them!

Sorry, not the best photo in the world but it was soooo busy!

We rounded off our trip to Covent Garden with a visit to the London Transport Museum, easily our favourite London museum. Your entry ticket means you can get in free all year so it’s well worth it when we live so near. The toddler loves it there and the cafe isn’t bad either.

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