Puffy Paint tee

By | December 18, 2012

I really enjoy taking part in the monthly PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge, it’s so simple to play along –  just choose something from your Pinterest boards to create and link up each month. We were recently sent loads of DYLON products and I wasn’t sure what to do with most of them. Then I spotted something on Pinterest which used puffy paint which was one of the DYLON products we had.

So, I used an old plain tshirt, placed a paper doily in the centre and carefully painted the puffy paint over the doily. I left it to dry before painting another coat. After I was sure it had dried, I carefully lifted the doily away and was left with this lovely pattern.

puffy paint tee

It’s perfect for Little Sis who loves to point out designs on her tshirt. I used hardly any paint so I must look for a larger project!

3 thoughts on “Puffy Paint tee

  1. nanny

    Our little fashionista in her exclusive teeshirt – she’s so pretty……….xxxx

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