Hand print Easter lamb

It’s no secret that the toddler loves painting. Ask him what he wants to do and he’ll always say painting, he even gets the paint, paper and paint tray out himself!

We’ve recently been thinking about Easter crafts even though it’s a good few weeks away. Hand print painting is perfect for the toddler. It requires him to concentrate for a few minutes and it’s really easy to see the end result. We found a great hand print lamb we thought we’d try for Easter.

First we covered his hand in paint, then carefully placed it on a sheet of paper and left it to dry. The toddler was very excited to be given a glue stick and he covered the page in it!

toddler hand print

Then he got to work sticking cotton wool to the palm, leaving the ‘fingers’ clear for legs.


Then we drew around each finger and thumb to make it extra clear what animal it should be!

cotton wool lamb

Yes it is as Easter lamb! Perhaps next time we’ll use smaller pieces of cotton wool 🙂


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8 Responses to Hand print Easter lamb

  1. nanny

    Lovely, what a good idea………..xxx

  2. CupcakeMumma

    Ah such a lovely idea! My little one would love this x

  3. I think your sheep needs shearing!
    Lovely idea and one I may have to copy 🙂
    fivegoblogging recently posted..Pinaddicts and Crochet MonstersMy Profile

  4. How lovely, what a great idea for an Easter card!

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