Little man turns 3!

By | March 18, 2013

So today the little man turned 3. We decided to give him a couple of presents before school so he was very happy to open Chick Hicks from the film Cars from his sister, a colouring set (again from Cars) from Grandad, Suki and Petrov Trunkov (from Cars) from Auntie Caca and Buzz Lightyear from mummy and daddy.


We went downstairs and broke our normal rule of no tv before breakfast to see this lovely message on cBeebies!


Then the little man was sent off to school with a handmade birthday badge from me, as well as a huge cake to share with his classmates.

felt birthday badge

We all collected him from school before heading home to open the rest of his presents. I had only put them out at the last moment as I knew Little Sis would want to take a closer look.


After a very long present opening session it was time for the Lightning McQueen pinata to be opened ….

Lightning McQueen pinata

…and the rainbow layer cake to be cut and eaten.

birthday cake

Phew! I’m not sure who was more exhausted after such a mammoth day!

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