Geffrye Museum – not for toddlers

By | April 16, 2013

I love the Geffrye Museum so thought we would hop on the bus and take a look at their beautiful collection. When we arrived the toddler enjoyed running around the huge expanse of lawn in front of the building.

The museum is  a series of rooms which you walk through. As soon as we entered the first room the toddler said he didn’t like it and practically ran along through the whole museum, until he reached the cafe where he decided he was hungry and it must be lunch time.


Unfortunately for him it was too early to be serving lunch, so he had to make do with a brownie.

It was a shame he didn’t enjoy his visit but there was nothing for him to do, unlike our trip to the William Morris Gallery where there was too much for him to do!

2 thoughts on “Geffrye Museum – not for toddlers

  1. Amanda Johnson

    I sometimes visit with my nephew and niece who are 6 and 3 respectively. We have always enjoyed our visits – but these have been at weekends or during school holidays when they have activities on including stuff for toddlers. Perhaps try again??


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