Keeping fit with Sportacus

By | April 5, 2013

For nearly ten years superhero Sportacus has got the world’s children moving, dancing, singing and playing along with his colourful cartoon-come-to-life LazyTown.  Now he’s back to inspire kids to feel good about doing healthy things in a brand new series of adventures as the much-awaited third series of LazyTown made its debut on Cartoonito on Saturday April 6 at 9am, repeated at 4pm.

IMG_2965Sportacus, also known as Magnús Scheving, doing his tricks to impress the mums.

sports candySports candy!

We got the chance to watch a brand new episode from the third season, Roboticus, which was fun. We were also able to meet Sportacus and get his autograph (we were too shy to pose for a photograph!).


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