More sunshine!

By | April 21, 2013

We woke to yet more sunshine (Spring is finally here?) so headed out to the garden again after breakfast. Whilst daddy cleaned the barbecue the toddler wanted to play with the hose again. We didn’t let him because he has refused to wear wellies for the last couple of years. Then I had a brainwave and put Little Sis in a pair of his old wellies. It immediately did the trick and he demanded his!

First he tried on his black Lightning McQueen wellies and stomped around, then he demanded his blue and red wellies which shows he has a good memory as we bought them last year yet he’d never worn them. He finished the morning in his crocs – fingers crossed it doesn’t take him so long before he wears them again.


After we had tidied up the garden some more we headed off to the Farmer’s Market before a yummy lunch at The Gate.

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