New Peppa Pig app: Peppa Pig Holiday

By | April 18, 2013

The toddler loves his iPad apps and was very happy to be given free access to the sixth app in the Peppa Pig franchise, Peppa Pig Holiday. Packed with a variety of easy-to-play ‘holiday’ themed activities including At the Airport, Let’s go to the Beach and Swimming Race, Peppa Pig Holiday is also the first Peppa Pig app to offer video content from the popular TV show. I have to say both my children are huge Peppa fans and love this app. The toddler needed a little help as he doesn’t listen to the instructions but with a little help he’s been playing every game!

Peppa Pig Holiday promotes essential early learning development skills such as counting, memory matching, creativity and concentration through a range of fun-filled games.

Peppa Pig holiday

Activities include:

At the Airport – Peppa and her family are checking in at the airport, can you help load the correct number of bags on the conveyor belt? Make sure you place the right item in each bag as it passes through the X-Ray machine!

Let’s Go to the Beach – Peppa and George are getting ready for the beach, can you help them pick swimming costumes and beach toys? Don’t forget to apply the sun cream!

Ice Cream – Let’s make Peppa and her family some ice cream! Get creative and make your own yummy ice cream too!

Swimming Race – Peppa and her family are ready to race in the swimming pool! Who will win the race? Enjoy this game in both single and multiplayer mode.

Let’s Make Pizza – The family visit the Village Cafe. Let’s help them make a pizza from scratch! Don’t forget to roll the dough and prepare the toppings before you place it in the oven!

Video content – Click play on the menu screen to watch the Sky High song in full screen mode.

Postcards Sticker Book – Collect virtual stickers throughout game-play and arrange them on a selection of four colourful postcard backgrounds.

Peppa Pig Holiday app is now available for £2.99 from the App Store on iPad or at

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