Fit for a Queen

Next month sees the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation in June 2013. It will be marked with a service of celebration at Westminster Abbey. There’s also an interesting Coronation Festival taking place at Buckingham Palace in July. I thought we should mark the occasion in our own way and have a quick and easy craft to share with you.

Toilet roll crowns!

toilet roll crown

This is a great craft for toddlers! Simply take a toilet roll, cut in half and cut away little triangles to make the points of the crown.

toilet roll crowns

We painted half our crowns with gold paint and the other half silver.

painting crowns

We left them to dry before decorating them with stickers.

sticking!Quick and easy crowns, definitely fit for a King or Queen.




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8 Responses to Fit for a Queen

  1. Nanny

    They’re lovely……..BB is concentrating so hard, bless him…….xxxxx

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  3. Much nicer than the queens!! Thanks for joining in the Mumsnet crafts round up, am loving reading everyones entries!

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