Playing with Playfoam

By | May 17, 2013

The toddler was sent a pack of Playfoam from educational toy manufacturer Learning Resources to review. Playfoam offers completely mess-free creative play fun so I was really keen to try it.

As you can see the Playfoam contained 8 vibrant Playfoam colours, a mixture of original & sparkle varieties. The packaging was really easy to open and the toddler was soon playing with the lumps of Playfoam. It took him a while to figure it out. It has a strange texture, kind of sticky but it doesn’t fall apart so there was no mess at all.

Playfoam offers longevity as it never dries out meaning it can be moulded again and again! I loved the fact you can use it straight from the box for instant play, all you need is a little imagination.  The vibrant colours do not blend so mixing them produces a fun range of multicoloured shades.


We had fun naming the different colours and making shapes with the Playfoam. You can shape it with your hands to make different shapes and when you’ve done, just place it in a box for next time. It promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development and, because of these qualities, Playfoam has been well received amongst special needs professionals. It was Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards 2011.

Don’t forget to take a look at Learning Resources on Facebook for fab competitions and your chance to win one of 5 Playfoam Combo 8-packs – hurry, the competition ends June 7th!

One thought on “Playing with Playfoam

  1. Nanny

    BB doesn’t look too sure about Playfoam…….what did LS think of it? From a Mummy point of view, it sounds perfect……….xxxxx


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