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By | June 28, 2013

I can’t quite believe we’ve been in our new house for 2 months. Things are looking pretty good. This week our new bed was delivered and new blinds went up in the bedrooms which meant we were able to get rid of the ugly blackout blinds we were using.

We’ve managed to cross off most of our “to do” list so next up will be decorating the children’s rooms. As you know, Little Sis finally has her own bedroom which she seems to love. Fortunately it was already painted pink but it’s had a mini makeover, with a new lampshade, bunting and a brilliant washi tape dollshouse on one wall.

Big Brother has a blue bedroom (no gender stereotyping in our house!) but it looks pretty grubby so I think we will be tackling his room first. We’ve already bought the paint when we were at our local Homebase last weekend; he picked and it’s blue. The previous owners seemed pretty clueless about decorating and one of the most annoying things they did was overlap the wallpaper when they hung it! They clearly never read this handy little eBook I came across which contains 28 tips on how to decorate!

As well as painting his room I have been having a good search on Pinterest for inspiration. We’ve been having a chat and the toddler really wants a Thomas and Cars theme! He thinks he should have one curtain of Thomas fabric and one of Cars fabric but I’ve told him that’s not going to happen. I think I may have to take charge of the situation.

First of all the wallpaper is coming down, then the walls and ceiling will be painted. I saw this on Pinterest which I would love to adapt.

London buildings from washi tape

I think an outline of famous London buildings from washi tape would look brilliant. I also loved this telephone box painted around a door, but I’m not sure my husband would agree.

telephone box door frame

Perhaps I should explore a London Underground theme as that would match our London Underground challenge so well. Or maybe we’ll just go for some blue paint and leave it at that!

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3 thoughts on “Decorating inspiration

  1. Nanny

    No shortage of ideas, then………love the telephone box door……I’m sure Daddy would love a challenge too………xxxx

  2. Lizzie Bizzie Buttons

    LOVE the telephone box door! Could maybe be done in dark blue for a tardis look too methinks…teenage niece would ADORE that!! xx

    1. jenny Post author

      There are so many great ideas on Pinterest but I loved that one!


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