Free Legoland tickets!

By | July 8, 2013

Hope that got your attention. Today we had a lovely trip to Legoland thanks to The Sun. Every year they run an offer for free Legoland tickets and this was the second year we’ve taken up that offer.

As we knew what to expect there was no pressure. We got there as the park opened and caught the train to the toddlers favourite rides. Our first trip was to the Boating School, then the Orient Expedition and the Atlantis Submarine Voyage. After lunch we went to the newly opened Duplo area where the toddler got very wet, before another boat ride at Fairy Tale Brook. That was all we managed, partly due to the hot weather, and the fact Little Sis wanted to walk everywhere.

Daddy treated both children to a new set of Lego. The toddler received the new Lego Duplo 10509 which features Dusty and Chug, a couple of characters from the new Planes film. the toddler was really happy and as soon as we got home emptied his entire Lego collection on the floor to play with everything.

Disney Lego Planes set

Little Sis is completely drawn to pink boxes of Lego in any toy shop and today she finally got her own box – Lego Duplo 6152 Snow White’s Cottage. She’s a bit too young for the detachable skirt for dress-up play but she loved the set, which quickly got absorbed by the Lego all over the floor. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve it for her soon.

Lego snow-white box

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