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By | August 6, 2013

Today we hopped off to Uxbridge for a spot of shopping. Potty training is going quite well so the children were rewarded with a trip to the Disney Shop <shudder>. Let’s gloss over the fact we came home with a pink play hoover which both children love.

We stopped off at Ickenham because although we’ve gone through it many times we’ve never taken a photo next to the sign. Another station ticked off the list!

ickenhamWhen we got home we thought we’d try some educational play. We saw a great little experiment on Science Sparks called Ice Play for children.

Basically last night I took one Lego man and a Playmobil person and placed them in a small freezer bag, half-filled with water. I left them to freeze overnight then gave them to the children to explore at bath time.

scienceThe toddler knew a little about ice and melting but couldn’t understand why there was a Lego man in his lump of ice. It was a fun experiment and the ice melted very quickly in the warm bath water. I think we might be trying this one again in the paddling pool!

3 thoughts on “A bit of science

  1. Alexia E

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I have a nearly 1 year old and a just three year old so your posts are both interesting to read and entirely relevant too! I felt I needed to leave a comment here – the Ice Play is a brilliant idea and one I shall certainly be trying with my girls too!! Thanks again (and a huge thumbs up in general) 🙂 x

  2. Nanny

    Lovely pics – BB’s eyes are gorgeous, handsome lad…………xxxx


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