BritMums Carnival – have a crafty summer!

By | August 13, 2013

I’m very happy to be bringing you the latest BritMums Carnival! The theme is anything crafty and I can’t wait to share the best crafty ideas with you from the parenting community.

First of all we have fab DIY postcards from Make do Mum. She has kindly shared some vintage divided backs (yep, I’m a closet deltiologist) which will help you make the perfect personalised ‘wish you were here’ to send home from your hols!

Also on the holiday theme, Me and My Shadow has posted a tutorial to collect the seaside in a jar, a lovely summer holiday keepsake. Or how about making pressed flower tile coasters with a little help from Crystals Tiny Treasures? If  you’re looking for something a little more grown up how about this amazing DIY Marc Jacobs daisy iPhone case by Amy Antoinette.

Both the fairy and the frog and Domestic Goddesque share their lavender crafts. The fairy and the frog has made a lovely fragrant pretend play prop which I would love to try making whilst Domestic Goddesque has instructions for making scented lavender fans. Yesterday my toddler walked down our road sniffing all the pretty flowers he could find and I think he would get a sensory overload from a lavender fairy wand 🙂

weaving lavenderJennifer’s Little World has introduced the idea of weaving with a cardboard box loom into my head! I love the idea of letting my little ones try their hand at weaving and Jennifer shows all you need is a sturdy cardboard box and some wool.

weavingwithacardboardboxloomWe love crafting with paper plates so really enjoyed the paper plate ladybirds and other ladybird related crafts from Here Come the Girls. I think my toddler would love to learn more about ladybirds and I’ve added more pipe cleaners to my virtual craft shopping list.

Emmy’s Mummy has shared a great 5 minute craft for using up any old stashes of confetti. I’m always on the lookout for fun crafts to keep my toddler occupied and this involved drawing a large shape and letting your child loose with the glue stick. What can go wrong!?

Zing Zing Tree shows us another brilliant craft using craft sticks to make a fun little easel to display miniature works of art.  I wonder if you can also make these using coffee stirrers as I picked up a bundle with my last coffee and need some inspiration! The little easels can be decorated too, and Zing Zing Tree has examples of using stickers and thread to make them look really pretty.

easel-framesOur household has gone a little Monsters Inc. crazy lately and it seems that we are not alone, Monsters Inc. cupcakes anyone?. Red Ted Art has a lovely tutorial for making Mike from pom poms using wool and pipe cleaners.

Hopefully there’s some inspiration for everyone and there’s absolutely no excuse for hiding the glue sticks at the back of the cupboard!


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    Golly, bloggers are a talented bunch, aren’t we? 🙂


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