End of the line

By | August 11, 2013

Today we were visiting friends out in Buckinghamshire so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to tick the Amersham branch of the Metropolitan Line off our list.

The morning started well at Northwood Hills station. Unfortunately I asked my husband to check the train times for us and he gave me the times for the Chesham trains, not the Amersham ones.

stationSo we took the train one stop to Moor Park.

station1We waited, and waited, and waited. There are three branches at this point so trains did go past – but they were going to Watford or Chesham, not Amersham.

Eventually we were on our way. First stop Rickmansworth

station2Then Chorleywood

station3Chorleywood & Latimer

station4And our final destination – Amersham – only half an hour later than expected. Needless to say, we didn’t get off at any point as the trains run so infrequently, so we have to make do with photos of the roundels from inside the train.


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