Owls on the London Underground (Wembley Park Station)

By | August 8, 2013

We went on a little trip today and Wembley Park Station was involved. Ssh, don’t tell anyone but our actual destination was Ikea…

London Underground stationWe had to take a picture of the toddler in front of the iconic arch of Wembley. He wanted to go down the steps at the front of the station even though I told him there was no way I was bumping the buggy down them. He told me that someone would help me, like yesterday. He really wanted to go down those steps!

London Underground station (1)Whilst we were looking for a way out of the station we noticed fake owls that had been positioned all around the station. They seemed to be doing a pretty good job as there were no pigeons in sight!

London Underground owl

2 thoughts on “Owls on the London Underground (Wembley Park Station)

  1. Nanny

    Stations – a never-ending source of pleasure to the toddler………xxxx


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