Where the toddler bites the dentist

By | August 7, 2013

The toddler had a dentist appointment today. He’s been complaining about toothache for months. Looking back through my archives our last (and first) trip to the dentist was back in February. It went really well so I wasn’t worried about going today.

We were early so took our shortest trip on the tube ever, from Ruislip to Ruislip Manor. According to the Transport for London journey planner the trip is either 1 minute or 2 minutes so you can see I was really indulging the toddler with this trip.

ruislip manorAccording to Wikipedia “the station has a seemingly above average number of stairs up to the platforms, as the station is raised a significant amount above street-height in order to allow tall vehicles to pass beneath the station bridge, which is immediately before the station.”

I knew there were steps but I didn’t know how many there were. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to count as a knight in shining armour kindly helped me down the steps with Little Sis in the Bugaboo Bee. However, there were many steps and an interesting looking bench built into the wall. It’s a lovely station, albeit in need of better access for buggies!

We’ll gloss over the trip to the dentist as the toddler was badly behaved and may have given the dentists’ finger a slight bite!

2 thoughts on “Where the toddler bites the dentist

  1. Nanny

    Bet it’s not the first bite the dentist has had………did he find out why BB gets toothache?

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